I left town because I started bugging out again. Be sure to double space. The other half is that they are easy to like. When every student thinks every other student is working harder and doing 4 College Pressures—William Zinsser better, the only solution is to study harder still. I agree with Zinsser that there is a lot of economic pressure. If I have described the modern undergraduate primarily as a driven creature who is largely ignoring the blithe spirit inside who keeps trying to come out and play, it’s because that’s where the crunch is, not only at Yale but throughout American education. Where’s the payoff on the humanities?

Since I need that course for my major I … Carlos: They have adapted by choosing fewer activities than past generations. He did a good job presenting his points and conveying his message. Long gone are the days of the “gentlemen’s C,” when students journeyed through college with a certain relaxation, sampling a wide variety of courses — music, art, philosophy, classics, anthropology, poetry, religion — that would send them out as liberally educated men and women. They also can’t afford to be the willing slave for organizations like the Yale Daily News. Email required Address never made public. Word I can change to make my thesis more powerful; unique:

They also are overexerting. The reason for this is that they can relate and agree with collehe in the essay, and has more applications that they can use in their lives. Correct citation format for all information quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. If they are old and tenured, they are buried under the duties of administering departments — presxures departmental chairmen or members of committees — that have been thinned out by the budgetary axe.


Response to Zinsser Essay

Most college students I know are likely to be working a full time job, just to pay for their schooling. I do not believe that intertwining the categories weakens the essay. But something in the spirit will be missing. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The country needs them, and they will find satisfying jobs.


But there are no villains, only victims. They juggled their school with extra-curricular activities The parents mean well; they are trying to steer their sons and daughters toward a secure future. They also know that the odds are harsh, Yale Law School, for instance, matriculates students from an applicant pool of 3,; Harvard enrolls from a pool of 7, A professor will assign five-page papers.

I think that these pressures are very common for students in all colleges.

I think this might happen sometimes now, but not nearly as much. It’s why I think we should all be worried about the values that are nurturing a generation so fearful of risk and so goal-obsessed at such an early age.

what is zinssers thesis in college pressures

I am privy to their hopes and fears — and also to their stereo music and their piercing cries in the dead of night “Does anybody ca-a-are? Nor are they so obsessed with their studies that they avoid sports and extracurricular activities.

“College Pressures”–Zinsser

In the presence of such a potent state religion, the young are growing up old. You are commenting using your Twitter account. They will get sick.


what is zinssers thesis in college pressures

To some pressured this is nothing new: This whole thing has taken a lot out of me. Several students will start writing ten-page papers, and a few will raise the ante to fifteen.

December 10, at What problems or constraints do you face as you pursue your academic, professional, and personal goals? What I wish for all students is some release from the clammy grip of the future.

Instead, students are choosing their goal in prfssures, and their choices narrow as they go along, it’s almost as if they think that the country has been codified in the type of jobs that exist — that they’ve got to fit into certain slots. She is very obviously an artist and will be a good one — she has already had several modest local exhibits.

The students are startled.

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Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. Sometimes, when I am feeling pressured with homework, I try to find someone at home who can help me. You are commenting using your WordPress. But the new pauperism has widened the gap still further, for professors who actually like to spend time with students don’t have as much time to spend.

what is zinssers thesis in college pressures