This nation criticizes the way terrorists treat people yet the U. CWO Wright, with all sincerity, you have my respect and admiration for your service to our country. If anti-torture activism results only in increased rendition, what is being morally gained? This enemy is no different in any way from any other enemy we’ve faced. Baby Mohammed lost both legs during Shock-and-Awe and, over a hour period, bled to death stuck in the debris of his home, a horror entirely foreseen in its outline, if not its particulars, by the architects of the war. My Opinion is Fact, Period: In this instance, free will implies carrying out, and accepting to carry out, your own decision in the belief that you would do it again in the future.

All claimed the same need to stop the ticking bomb. Pain, like relativity, distorts time. The goal of these people is to destroy us and our way of life, by ANY means neccessary. My point is, it is good to have ideals, and to stick to them. While “torture doesn’t work” sure makes for pleasant-sounding sloganeering, I am quite sure we’ve received actionable intelligence through the use of enhanced interrogation techniques.

Torture by another name: CIA used ‘water dousing’ on at least 12 detainees

The use of torture is strategic. However, if you are unwilling or incapable, if you lack the moral courage, of accepting this responsibility” This nails it. It is seen as a travesty when an American citizen is tortured but when the U.

But, it does mean that they are most likely not eager to offer up information that may prevent further atrocities from occurring. We have compromised our own honor by becoming torturers, what has it availed us? Bush, who approve of these interrogation tactics and believe that it is just, could lead to a slippery slope of governmental disorder and law breaking. Malcolm Nance makes this clear when he states that “anyone strapped down will say anything, absolutely anything to get the torture to stop”.


Waterboarding is Torture – Abu Muqawama. This enemy is somehow different from other enemies we have faced. And if waterboarding is torture, what ISNT?

waterboarding persuasive essay

As a final note, I must disagree with the posters that state that this is a black-and-white issue. If you bring a knife to a gunfight, it’s pretty clear who the winner will be. In other words, how do we know that ethical codes aren’t rationalization engines in disguise, mechanisms for evading responsibility, sophisticated dodges?

We, in this country, are blessed to have a Great American – you, Chief – stand up for what is true and right, not because of anything that’s foul that our enemies are doing or may do, but because you grasp comprehesively that we Americans have the moral obligation to know and to do what is right for US to do, so that we do not ever shame ourselves, our honored dead, or our nation.

Persuasive Essay

These immoral and highly damaging techniques treat human beings worse than animals. Well let’s just leave Ms. Many have said “If waterboarding isnt torture, what IS? We Legitimized Waterboarding – Swampland Time.

IFTF: From torture to persuasion

The would-be torturer must accept full moral responsibility and be denied both alibis: I’m afraid that this has become all about semantics. The hoops waterboardkng hurdles the U. It would seem wise to grant judges enough sentencing discretion to keep would-be torturers in the dark and induce them to proceed on worst-case assumptions. The answer is an unequivocal no.

To that normative consideration, I would also guard against the slippery notion of “collective self. In theory, the jurisprudence on war crime should provide the relevant legal authority. Yeah, I read you entire comment, but it makes my point even more clear – if you purport to KNOW our enemy, then go get them tough guy and while you get all that necessary data after those of us who have risked our and other asses to go capture these knuckleheads, start providing some actionable intelligence!!


The waterbozrding uses a number of techniques.

waterboarding persuasive essay

It is not a far leap from torture to murder, especially if the subject is defiant. It is a principled view that might account for our rational rejection of torture, but Kant’s Categorical Imperative is too much at variance with Anglo-American norms to explain the instinctive revulsion the practice commonly elicits.

Inevitably, an ethical code will be on occasion intractablemeaning that it may actually tell us not to do X in situation Y but we’re just too dumb to figure that out by the time Y has passed.

How to Argue Against Torture

Ticking Time Bomb ScenarioWikipedia. With regards to the waterboard, I want to set the record straight so the waterboardibg can finally embrace the fact that they condone and encourage torture.

The whole process combined is designed to break the will and sanity of the captive. A perfect code would have to wategboarding completemeaning that it covers all cases, but that is unrealistic. Are we all guilty by association of every bad thing done by any member of any group we are a member of?

My main point there was that all of us, even our enemies, even people who do terrible things, are human and have complex motives. It should be avoided because Americans do not torture people.