What’s the next step? This way, thesis supervisors can concentrate more on the academic merits of the works. Registration We ask you to register every week in order to organise the session properly. As much as we want to help, keep in mind that the content of your thesis is something that only your promotor can decide. Our workshops offer a lot of advice on planning, researching and writing your thesis. The Dutch reception of relativity theory in the aftermath of the First World War.

You are here VUB Home. PhD-candidate in the FWO-funded project no. Since this year you can work on your bachelor or master dissertation in groups, during the Thesis Cafe. Other services For all For researchers For companies and organisations For press. Collective writing at the Thesis Cafe. Log In Sign Up. During the 15 minute breaks students can exchange ideas with each other or ask questions to a counselor or assistant.

C1 level, advanced user; reading skills in German, Latin, Italian, and Portuguese.

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Dana Jalobeanu and Charles T. How to write the perfect thesis? If you are worried about the quality of your writing in English, we can arrange for a tutor to help and proofread your paper. Intro Individual Workshops Thesis cafe. Each meeting consists of three blocks of 45 minutes. It is not a lecture or seminar, but a social event aimed at motivating students to write, exchange ideas and offer feedback.


Professor Lieselot Vanhaverbeke was even honoured for this initiative as being an educational innovation project. You can meet other students here, share your experiences and help each other. Leiden University Press, pp.

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Snacks and drinks are provided during the breaks. Rivisita internazionale di storia della filosofia, 4, pp. Which workshop should I attend? It probably would raise a few eyebrows with concerned or suspicious parents. What’s more exciting and intimidating than having to write a small book at the end of your studies?

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PhD-candidate in the FWO-funded project no. Final thesis, defended on 22 December Gustaaf Cornelis and prof. Related Articles Silvia Paola. Thinking of doing a PhD?

Since this year you can also work on your bachelor or master dissertation in groups. Which sources are valid for your literature research?

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Bachelor or master thesis – a step-by-step plan How to formulate your research questions? Rudi Vranckx by Belga. Students become ever more social in their study behaviour. Step by step towards success An important aspect of Thesis Cafes is the regularity. Taboe in de Wetenschap Taboos in tyesisorganised by Wtnschp.

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If you have problems in planning and writing your thesis, Study Guidance Centre is here to help. Help Center Find new research papers in: Don’t hesitate to seek out individual guidance.

A Thesis Cafe is a counseling initiative organised by the university itself as a weekly recurring event in the Study Guidance Centre. Silvia’s fictions of Europe. Which research method will you use? During the 15 minute breaks students can exchange ideas with each other or ask questions to a counselor or assistant.

Study Guidance organises workshops which contain tons of advice regarding the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. Services For students For future students Your student portal For alumni.

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