Cooking pongal is a traditional practice at Hindu temples during any part of the Temple Festival in Tamil Nadu. When it starts to bubble and overflows out of the vessel, freshly harvested rice grains are added to the pot. Tamil is written in a non-Latin script. I have two dogs and a cat. Thai Pongal is truly a family festival, where every member from the very young to the elderly participates with devotion and joy. The Bradt Travel Guide. Retrieved 16 January

Myself My name is Aimee. We should also have good manners and good habits. I one day hope to read all the books in the library. Retrieved 28 January Sinhala saradharma essay in sinhala. Festivals in the Hindu calendar. Cooking pongal is a traditional practice at Hindu temples during any part of the Temple Festival in Tamil Nadu.

Send Email to Friend Send Please enter valid email. This is believed to remove the evil influences caused by the jealousy of other people over the cattle. This day coincides with Makara Sankranthi which is celebrated throughout India, Nepal and Bangladesh. It is called Mattu cattle Pongal. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Pongal. Jala sampatha surakimu essay in sinhala.

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Oggy is a brown puppy. Sinhala saradharma essay in sinhala.


Thai Pongal tomorrow, Thursday 15 Jan “. Bhogi is also observed on the same day in Andhra Pradesh.

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Houses are cleaned, painted and decorated to give a festive look. We use cookies to enhance your experience. Design By Extreme Web Sri lanka. As part of the “Kaka pidi, Kanu pidi” feast women and girls place a feast of colored rice, cooked vegetables, banana and sweet pongal on ginger or fextival leaves for crows to share and enjoy. Cooking is done in sunlight, usually in a porch or courtyard, as the dish is dedicated to the Eessay god, Surya.

thai pongal festival essay in sinhala

Money is often placed into a mixture of treats and is poured over children. English wana sampatha surakimu essay in sinhala. They prepare sweets such as kesari, aggala and more. My mother makes food for us. Busy at work Red ones here, black ones there, Weavers on the trees, The fire ones rush like lava.

There is a red flag on the beach sometimes. I help my sister to do her homework. To live well in a festvial way in a society, money alone is not enough. Shikakai apply kungumam kumkum to their foreheads, paint their horns, and feed them a mixture of venn pongal, jaggery, honey, banana and other fruits. It is overwhelming to imagine the amount of knowledge there might be in this place. We are preparing for the band for our sportsmeet.


In Tamil Nadu farmers keep medicinal herb neem, avram, sankranti in northeast corner of essy fields, to prevent crops from diseases and pests. Sinhala thai pongal in sinhala language. They are father, mother, sister and me.

Sinhala wana sampatha surakimu essay in sinhala. My Grandpa is a very healthy man. My Grandma is a jolly lady whose smile is so shiny, you have to wear sunglasses!

Thai Pongal

This festival is done to worship the Sun God after the harvesting of their crops. We bathed in the sea.

thai pongal festival essay in sinhala

First we reached Mihintale and climbed the rock. Once the milk in the pot boils over, rice, jaggery, raisins, cashew nuts and mung dhal esay added to make the delicious Pongal dish which is shared by the family and visitors to the home. My school has a wonderful library and I spend a lot of time there.