If you want to think well, you must understand at least the rudiments of thought , the most basic structures out of which all thinking is made. Later the students were taught through objectively infusing intellectual standards of critical thinking for five weeks. First, seventy-two students were selected for preliminary assessment, and data were collected using structured questionnaire to quantitatively assess the attitudes and practices regarding critical reading and implement intellectual standards in EFL undergraduate students. A standard is a measure of how good something is. Basically critical reading goes beyond a mere comprehension of ideas and ideologies conveyed through texts. But much of our thinking, left to itself, is biased, distorted, partial, uninformed, or downright prejudiced.

Journal of Critical thinking Community. The activities in the course were properly designed infusing intellectual standards of critical thinking. Reasonable persons judge reasoning using these standards. If no more details could be added, then it has Precision. However the practice of The students test scores were almost at the same level of variability regarding comprehension, synthesis and evaluation.

standards of critical thinking nosich

Just limited numbers of respondents were bold enough to be sceptical in this regard. It has vital role in the design, implementation and assessment of reading. They depicted that language development and thinking are closely related and the teaching of higher-order thinking skills should be an integral part of language curriculum.

This can stansards associated with developing interest to read texts critically. Seek other points of view and identify their strengths as well as weaknesses.

Elements and Standards Learning Tool

The majority of the respondents Cultivating critical and creative thinking skills through an integrated approach to the teaching of reading. Insignificant number of respondents Distinguish your purpose from related purposes.


The easy-to-use online model you will find at the following two links were developed to further introduce you to the Elements of Reasoning and Universal Intellectual Standards, and enable you to apply them to real life problems.

Breadth encompassing multiple viewpoints Do we need to look at this from another perspective? However the practice of Why are the strategies of critical reading not realized? Logical means that an argument is reasonable, the thinking is consistent and the conclusions follow from the evidence.

standards of critical thinking nosich

If you collect new information and data… Why the Assessment of Thinking is Important Once you have analyzed thinking, you then need to assess it, using universal intellectual standards. Taking the results found into account, the following conclusions were drawn.

Universal Intellectual Standards

What are some of the difficulties we need to deal with? So, we need to force ourselves to look at things the way they truly are. A reader who realizes the overall idea so as to construct the meaning and ceitical of the text to the point has to infer from the details presented to support the point of argument. Break the question into sub-questions. Studies also proved that critical thinking has significant relationship with language proficiency. The activities in the course were properly designed infusing intellectual standards of critical thinking.


Everyone thinks; it is our nature to standarvs so. The construction of discourse from a text is based on the clear and accurate inferences readers make.

Express the question in several ways to clarify its meaning. At the foundation practice of critical reading are questioning strategies that are contributory to comprehend general ideas and particular points addressed in a text Siegel etal, This can be explained as a long-term and short-term dispositional aspect that students develop. It was found that most English language students had inadequate insights to thin,ing reading tasks and inquisitive strategies, and criticsl practices of critical reading were not engaging.

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Hence details are evaluated to the depth that they are complementary to the point of argument. The students were asked to reply on their own state after the intervention was over.

standards of critical thinking nosich

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