Auditing is possible for lectures but not for tutorial classes. Social Theory , a first-year-level introduction to the history of social thought. The programme of study over three calendar years will be arranged with one taught element in each year and the dissertation normally in the third year. Results for dissertations approved for submission in the period 1st October to 15th September of the year following will be considered by the Sub-Board of examiners in the year following. Accordingly, course teachers have the opportunity to amend their procedures of teaching, or improve other aspects of the course, with the aim of facilitating more effective teaching and learning. Though some courses are assessed solely by coursework, most taught courses culminate in examinations.

This can take the form of a medical note or a letter from your course tutor, personal tutor or student counsellor. The Helen Kanitkar Library is largely reference only. You are in charge of your dissertation; this is an independent piece of research. If you have caring, work or other commitments which make some times awkward for tutorial classes, you should inform the MA Tutor or MA Programme Convenor at registration and they will try their best to accommodate you accordingly. The marking criteria can be found alongside the Marking Policy on the Degree Regulations, Policies and Procedures page.

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By this time you should have a revised and clearly stated set of aims, objectives and methodology, a substantial bibliography, a clear idea of what information resources you will need to access, and a provisional outline of sections or chapters with headings.

SOAS hosts a variety of public lectures, conferences and seminars which are prominently advertised on the fifth floor and in the foyer. The timetable below is for all other MA Programmes, although dissertation submission deadlines and general comments on dissertation writing apply equally to MA Anthropological Research Methods.

Both the Main Library and the Helen Kanitkar Library have collections of ethnographic films on videotape or DVD, which may be viewed in the libraries or, in certain circumstances, borrowed for viewing elsewhere.

During term-time you should check your Faculty pigeon-hole located inside the faculty office and your SOAS e-mail account for mail frequently.


Some of you might have specialist interests which make it worthwhile seeking out London University colleges concerned with higher studies in medicine, law, education etc. Most courses involve a one hour actually 50 minute lecture as a key component.

Submission of developed proposal Students dissertatiin a more developed proposal of about 1, – 2, words, and hand it to their supervisor in the beginning of Term Three.

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On any MA Anthropology degree programme one of the taught courses is designated as a core course, and students are required to follow it. So the active mood is preferable. Please inform the member of staff in the case of sensitive personal issues, and the matter will be handled accordingly. The degree programmes may be pursued for one year full-time, or for two or even three years part-time with the exception of MA Anthropological Research Methods which can only be studied full-time or part-time over two years.

The Student-Staff Forum includes both staff and student representatives. These counsellors can also refer a student to a dissertaton programme of help when necessary. The Convenor of the dissertation programme is the Programme Convenor of the relevant degree.

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Anthropology is regarded by some as a science, by others as part of the humanities. You will find this challenging, but it can be done in a few hundred words, a few paragraphs, in a range of from about maximum words. Course Documents will be distributed by teachers in the first class of each course.

There will be at least one day each week when they could meet students at SOAS or some other mutually convenient location.

Anthropological approaches may vary greatly as to the extent of theoretical elaboration, of comparative concerns, of more particular or more general focus, of more pragmatic or more abstractly critical purpose and so on.

Agenda items can come from Departmental meetings, or any student representative. Partridge is probably the best known guide to grammar and many other aspects of English usage. Ethnographic Film Every Wednesday during the first and second terms the Department of Anthropology holds a showing of ethnographic films.


Students should therefore consult their tutor or supervisor if they are in any doubt about what is permissible.

soas masters dissertation deadline

Auditing is possible for lectures but not for tutorial classes. The research and teaching achievements of its staff have consistently attracted the highest categories of recognition and masers by the national higher education and social science policy making and funding organizations the Economic and Social Research Council ESRC and the soxs Higher Education Funding Council for England HEFCE. In the conclusion it is usual not to introduce new arguments or materials, but to make inferences or draw conclusions from the arguments and materials presented.

Ideally, like a longer term research proposal for funding, it should at the least contain some indication of i why the proposed research is exciting, original, timely etc; ii how it is feasible; and iii why you are just the person to carry it out successfully.

For more information, please check the notice-board opposite the Faculty Office. Auditing a language is, therefore, normally precluded. You are in charge of your dissertation; this is an independent piece of research.

soas masters dissertation deadline

Students who have substantial knowledge of anthropology or sociology usually from a recent degree or part degree may be given exemption from Theoretical Approaches to Social Anthropology. Lectures Most courses involve a one hour actually 50 minute lecture as a key component.

Students are often welcome to audit other lectures at BA and MA levels within the Department and are free to audit other lectures within the School. Please pay particular attention to style of presentation masterw. The quality of style in xissertation articles varies greatly however and, as anthropology changes, so does its style. Dissertations submitted after the deadline but before 30th September will be penalised with the loss of 2 percentage points per day.