Departmental Awards, which are made available annually in early fall, often consider financial need. Admission decisions are carried out by a faculty committee that cannot be reached through the administrative office. Please note that the following guidelines are the minimum technical requirements. Your statement of purpose should be a one- or two-page personal essay that discusses your career goals, why you want to do research, the areas of research that interest you and your skills or qualifications. These events are usually held in the first week of September, prior to the start of classes.

If you wish to stay in Canada and apply for permanent residency, there are also a number of other immigration programs that you may be eligible for. Participating students are encouraged to take ideas back to their home units, to be shared with their local community of graduate students. If you are outside of the funded cohort, you must pay the minimum fee to register by August 31 st. After completing the program, you will become eligible for the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program PGWPP , which will allow you to stay and gain further work experience in Canada, even if you do not have a job offer. Otherwise, you must achieve the English test scores outlined by SGS.

What is the program format? We ensure that all full-time MSc and PhD graduate students receive financial support to at least the basic level through a research assistantship stipend, provided the student is making satisfactory progress in their graduate program.

International students in the funded cohort should speak to the Graduate Office before starting an internship as a leave of absence may affect their funding.

Thesis Forms

Permanent resident students are considered domestic applicants. Here are some additional resources that can be of help: See Sample of Title Page below. Am I still eligible to apply? Interest then accrues on the 15 th of each month starting in October. Create a PDF of the final approved version of your thesis before you start the submission process.


You must clearly communicate that you understand what graduate school is about, that you understand the opportunities we offer and that you are a good fit for graduate studies here. Institutional addresses are preferred so that we can verify referee letters, if required.

CTAN: /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/ut-thesis

During the initial application process, we only require applicants to upload a copy of their documents. These requirements include proof of:. If you completed a degree or will have completed a degree by summer of in which the primary language of instruction and examination was in English, then you are not required to take an English language proficiency exam. Students who temp,ate research work no coursework in the summer are exempt from summer session fees. The admission decision is based on the information that is in the application at the time it is submitted and sent for review.

The standard for this paper is that it could reasonably be submitted for peer-reviewed publication. Can I take leave to participate in an internship or startup?

It is a secure web-based cloud service meaning you don’t need to download anything onto your personal machine to use it that can be accessed anytime, anywhere you have a network connection. Language of Doctoral Theses In Division I Humanitiespermission may be given for a thesis to be written in a language other than English torknto French when the language has been approved for use in a thesis by the graduate unit concerned. Please visit the SGS website for postdoctoral fellows for details.

sgs university of toronto thesis template

Admission decisions are carried out by a faculty committee that cannot be reached through the administrative office. To qualify for PhD candidacy, a student must complete the course and breadth requirements, pass the qualifying oral exam and have a thesis topic approved by their supervisor committee.


GRE scores are valid for torobto years from the date of being issued.

sgs university of toronto thesis template

All applications received between October and December will be considered for September admission. Scores more than two years old cannot be verified and the applicant will be required to re-take an English language proficiency test. Most labs engage in weekly talks and get-togethers on-site, during the day. Our location in the city is a real advantage, adding depth and breadth to our research possibilities and encouraging strong industry connections.

The results must be presented in a thesis and defended at the departmental oral examination before the doctoral final oral examination. Describe any original research you have done — the results, their importance and your particular contributions. Students who enter the PhD program with a master’s degree from elsewhere will receive 48 months of financial support to complete the PhD degree.

If made an offer, applicants are required to request official transcripts be sent to the University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science, directly from the issuing institution.


If you wish to apply current research in real-world situations, you should consider applying to the Master of Science in Applied Computing MScAC program. Will continuing studies courses be considered?

sgs university of toronto thesis template

As a non-degree special student, students may take graduate courses to qualify them for admission to the degree program.