Unless you have thoroughly researched and tailored your cover letter, you do not stand much of a chance. After you have stated your reason, you need to integrate your prior experience and skills into the paragraph. When applying for firms, look at your academic transcript. Firms want to quickly be able to see whether you fit their criteria so they can quickly put you in or out of the interview pile. If you do not have the best grades or you think the name of your university might jeopardise your chances, you do not have to put them in the first sentence, but you will need to have this information in your resume. You are not doomed if you do not get a clerkship.

I like to highlight the strengths of my application and state that these will enable me to quickly be an asset to the firm. Some firms also require students to answer additional questions as part of the clerkship application process. How important are academic results? A really obvious but helpful suggestion Researching law firms helps you to tailor your application to each employer, which allows you to demonstrate your genuine interest in that particular law firm. None of these conditions are ideal for writing clerkship cover letters, but at least you will have the knowledge your competitors other penultimate year students are working under similar conditions.

How do I apply? An interview is a chance for the employer to see how well you can communicate verbally.

You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. Thank you for your time and consideration, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my application and prospects further with you, I can be samplr on Yours sincerely, Jenny Courthouse monash.


– Law (Clerkships) Sample Cover Letter

One of the reasons should be based on the firm culture or the nature of the firm. Identify the money making practice areas. Law firms use plain English in everything they do, so if you plan to work in a commercial law firm, you need to get used to plain English now. The submission method varies between firms: If you do not have the best grades or you think the name of your university might jeopardise your chances, you seasnal not have to put them in the first sentence, but ccover will need to have this information in your resume.

seasonal clerkship cover letter sample

Check the application method with each firm you apply to. Find us on social. Again, this is just a suggested structure.

Although you may not get a chance to exhibit some of these skills as a summer clerk, firms are looking for people to give these opportunities to as they progress in their career. So if you worked in property, banking and finance or another sector prior to studying law make sure you integrate this into your cover letter.

Theory and Practice of Public Lawyering: The first reason I would like to work at Firm Z is that I would like to work at an internationally renowned firm headquartered in Asia.

seasonal clerkship cover letter sample

Some aspects of my experience are: Strong marks in subjects that correspond with practice areas of a firm are advantageous. I look forward to hearing from you.


Remember to make your cover letters your own. How important are academic results?

– Law (Clerkships) Sample Cover Letter

Communication skills Whether it be written or clsrkship — communication skills are vital to success as a lawyer. Most firms require a CV, covering letter and academic transcript from would-be clerks.

I believe that I have been able to develop professional skills during my voluntary and casual work that are both relevant and transferable to legal practice and which meet the key requirements of your firm.

seasonal clerkship cover letter sample

Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. Proof read your cover letter several times.

I used this method and obtained four first round interviews. Tips for Studying during third year. If the sentence would make sense without the word, then leave it out.

Be friendly and keep it brief: Law careers fairs occur in most major cities between March and May each year and are a great way to meet with HR representatives, lawyers and past clerks from firms you are interested in.

I thrive in a team environment, a recent example sampple What distinguishes that firm from others? While a strong academic transcript is undeniably appealing to a prospective employer, marks alone are not enough to secure a clerkship position. When you have your answer, thank them for their time and move on. Add this document to saved.