Each student so selected shall be required to register and pay the dues within 30 days from the date of issuance of the notification of registration, failing which the admission of the selected candidate shall deem to be cancelled. No drop of course s or change of non-credit course, or of a credit course to a non-credit course shall be allowed after 30 days from the date of commencement of the semester. Applied mathematics in partnership with computational science is essential in solving many real-world problems. Such a concession shall be granted only once during the entire period of study for mphil degree. A student who has completed the following requirements shall be eligible for admission to mphil final examination. A course of one credit mean one hour of s.

Student should meet the supervisor at least twice a week, during the residency period, and at least twice a month, after the completion of the residency period, to obtain satisfactory report. In case of two consecutive adverse reports, the Advanced Studies and Research Board may cancel the registration of the candidate. All applications received in the department shall be periodically considered by the departmental admission committee to be constituted by the Vice-Chancellor. If two of the three examiners find that the thesis is wholly inadequate it may be rejected by the Research Board. Royal College of Physicians Royal College publishes Clinical Medicine journal and it is read by leading physicians in hospitals across the world. If the student does not pass the comprehensive examination in first attempt he may given one more chance on the recommendation of his Supervisor.

Dissrtation examination A student who has completed the following requirements shall be eligible for admission to mphil final examination. Must have good character. One for the external examiner ii. The admission shall be approved by the Advanced Studies and Research Board. Course work may be counted towards the residence requirement for Ph. The Institute of Physics is a leading international professional body and learned society, established to promote the advancement and dissemination of physics.


The result of a JRA in each course whether passed or failed will indicated on a transcript by letter grade. There shall also be a standing list of local examiners for each department consisting of eminent persons engaged in research in the respective area. Masters degree program in the faculty of natural Sciences will be offered in qay following subjects and such other subjects as may be indicated from time to time Biology Chemistry Computer Science Electronics Yhesis Mathematics Physics Statistics.

qau thesis format

It features articles covering original research, current issues, ethics, law, clinical governance and audit, and also reports on prestigious College lectures and conferences.

The revised version of the thesis shall be approved by the same examiner who suggests modification of the thesis.

qau thesis format

Additional PhD level course work of at least 18 credit hours followed by a comprehensive Examination along with thesis formaat will be essential for the award of PhD degree. After passing the comprehensive examination but before the submission of his thesis, a Ph. AAPT publications assist in the learning of new and traditional teaching methodologies and the use of modern technology in Physics.

PhD Thesis

If the candidate fails to satisfy the examiners in the viva-voice examination they may require the candidate to defend the thesis for the second and final time within a period of Six months. It shall not include research work for which a degree has already been conferred in this or any other university. The viva-voice Examination in defense of the dissertation shall be conducted by the committee consisting of the chairman of the department concerned, Supervisor of the JRA and the External Examiner.

The chairman of the department may allow registration change or drop of courses after the due dates subject to the payment of late fee. Higher Education Commission has finalized the quality parameters of Ph.

Any part of the thesis which has been published before submission of the thesis may be appended at the end of the qsu. One for the supervisor b After the viva-voce examination and after the critical comments, if any, of the examiners have been incorporated: The Institute has a world-wide membership.


Bound in standard size form i. Phil degree in the normal period of four semesters will cease to be a JRL. It is hoped that this publication shall provide adequate information and useful guidelines both for students and teachers of QAU.

Foreign students seeking admission to the University shall be required to submit their applications through the Ministry of Education Government of Pakistan.

Quarts approximately 10 inches, except for drawing and maps on which no restriction aau placed. Provides access to almost 1 third of the world’s current Electrical Engineering and Computer Science literature.

The registration of Ph.

HEC – National Digital Library – Quaid-i-Azam University – Islamabad

If the student does not pass the comprehensive examination in first attempt he may given one more chance on the recommendation of his Supervisor. In the faculty of social sciences, a research proposal will also be submitted by the candidate to formag department with in one year after passing the comprehensive examination. Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad,Pakistan. A department shall normally hold at least one comprehensive examination in an academic year. Fromat for another semester may be allowed by the advanced studies and research board, provided the supervisor justifies the extension to the satisfaction of the board by indicating the circumstances which led to non-completion of mphil programme within five semesters.

Only under exceptional circumstances, to be described in detail by the candidate and supported by the supervisor, the research board may allow extension beyond seven years. Phil degree or its equivalent degree in the relevant subjects from a recognized University.