The visuals echo those of early chapters: For when we recognize them, we are also able to break them. Views Read Edit View history. Vitae, The Chronicle of Higher Education. The solution he proposes is admitting visual elements, and especially drawings, into the intellectual domain of language. They become allusions, allegories, and motifs, pitting realism against abstraction and making us aware that more meets the eye than is presented on the page. Journal of Comics Scholarship , vol.

Possibilities, Available from http: Sousanis and his brother John Sousanis co-founded thedetroiter. Print Mag interview with renowned design critic Steven Heller. To understand comics is also to make them, to take part in the dance of word and image. A Space Odyssey

The Graphic Adventures of Karen Green”. Journal of Comics Scholarship 5 1: Poetry Free Audio Books: I was particularly moved by this passage: A Franz Boas Reader.

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Sousanis defended his dissertation, titled “Unflattening: I am heartened knowing that it is possible, under certain conditions at least, for a graduate student to complete a doctoral degree that breaks from the usual words-only or largely-worded Ph. A Review of Unflattening. The words and images speak for themselves and succeed on their own terms. Retrieved 29 March Journal of Nic Scholarship Art.


Journal of Comics Scholarship5 1p. My circle of friends includes more than a few grad students, but few of them seem very happy, especially those who’ve already put every part of the process behind them soussanis their dissertation. Seeing in New Dimensions. We’re hoping to rely on loyal readers, rather than erratic ads.

Registered company number Over eight chapters, Unflattening follows an anonymous, sleepwalking figure as they step out of a regimented life and take flight to explore new worlds.

Walter Nickell Sousanis Michigan. As they struggle to wrestle that daunting beast to the ground, I — as a non-academic — try to provide whatever perspective I can.


Unflattening embraces visual references from Paleolithic cave prints to James Bond films, and verbal theesis from Bruno Latour to Wallace Stevens. Retrieved 19 April A Space Odyssey Sequential and simultaneous, hierarchical and rhizomatic modes entwine Sousanis, The Confederate Flag Visits the U.

nick sousanis thesis

Nathan 14 June Archived from the original on 2 April Department of English, University of Calgary. InSousanis accepted a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Calgarywhere he teaches about comics.


Click here to cancel reply. Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Society. The chapters on seeing and thought presented from different Western perspectives move on to tbesis consideration of the body in motion and then to what Sousanis calls a fifth dimension.

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Though this seems like the end of the book is not. Square must be enlightened by his encounter with the sphere.

nick sousanis thesis

Journal of Comics Scholarship.