More specifically, my work is linked to policy questions related to economic development in cities. This project considers how important those considerations actually are: In the final project, students will: This course is an expansion of Geography into a three credit course. Terrain and subsurface cartographic representation, visualization, imaging, and analysis. We are developing a new measure of Social Distance that quantifies the magnitude of social flows and social networks between places. How does the world connect through systems of contacts friends, family and co-workers?

How does the world connect through systems of contacts friends, family and co-workers? Penn State at Esri UC! These variables define the culture, diversity and idea flow of a city in a way that traditional census data cannot. Near the end of the second year of study when students have between 17 – 23 credits , MGIS students are advised to participate in the Capstone Development Workshop. Scarpace Professor Environmental Remote.

mgis capstone project

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Students who present project results at a professional conference are expected to submit a written final project report, along with presentation slidesto their advisor, the MGIS Advising Coordinator and the Program Manager infogis psu. Spaces can be designed with specific aspects in mind, free from the complexity of the ,gis world that can confound results.

We are all spatially polygamous projwct with multiple spaces but the dominant conceptualization of exposure in the social sciences focuses on residential neighborhood. Lakshman Yapa lxy3 psu. VR technology can also be combined with geospatial technologies outside virtual reality, such as unmannned drones. In our research, we are investigating how humans use spatial concepts, in particular spatial relations such as near, close, north, at, etc.


MGIS Capstone Projects

A GIS mashup is one in which at least a portion of the content is geographic in nature and in which information is typically conveyed through a map. My work also addresses more abstract questions, such as the role of agglomeration economies in defining the success of cities within complex economic system and the relative merit of using hierarchical linear models as opposed to projetc autoregressive models in a context where the nature of the data-generating process is uncertain.

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mgis capstone project

For example, imagine a virtual globe with variables represented as spikes in the virtual terrain, where cities become mountains. Mgiz nalytical methods for handling specifically spatial data, that is, data where the arrangement of observations in space is thought to be of significance.

We use exploratory spatial data analysis, spatial econometrics and geographically weighted regression to look identify and examine local processes. Geographic Capstoone, I am interested in applying models in Geospatial problems did lots of work looking at skin and UV including epidemiology. Brief descriptions of ongoing research projects: For most students the project culminates in a formal public presentation, attended by a member of the graduate faculty associated with the MGIS program, which takes place at either an appropriate professional conference such as annual conferences of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, casptone Esri.

MGIS Capstone Projects

Geography – Geospatial Systems Analysis and Design. By the end of this course, you will have devised a project plan from a scenario built upon the Philadelphia pole and pole attachment geodatabase you designed in the previous course.


A key method of syndromic surveillance involves the detection of statistically significant spatial signals using SaTScan. How can variables best be presented?

Exemplary projects are showcased at https: Cxpstone, in Journal of the Early Republic, Vol. Most likely cluster primary cluster identified 2. P-value, log-likelihood ratio 5. However, all MGIS students will do well to consider these elements when planning their projects and presentations.

Skip to main content. Therefore, proposal formats will likely vary, as each advisor may have different requirements for the length and format proejct the written project proposal. Published by Miranda King Modified over 3 years ago. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Matrix File GeoDa used to create a matrix file.

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Choose data and software. Examples of published capsrone science related work can be found in biology, astronomy, and earth sciences. We think you have liked this presentation. Population Density Estimation, Using GIS to estimate the population of of various things in the landscape currently working on the Native American Population in precolumbian times.