An assessment tool for establishing Infrastructure as a Service capability maturity. Knowledge discovery within the Dutch long-term care sector. In the second year of your master you work on a Master’s thesis, under supervision of a staff member of the Mathematical Institute. It is possible for highly-motivated students that aim at high-quality projects to conduct their thesis outside the Netherlands, either at a company or in a university. Adding value to a Content Management System through domain-specific summary generation of news and reports. The foundations of applied data science include relevant statistical methods, machine learning techniques and script programming. Subscribe to the mailing list:

Blockchain in Healthcare – A Software Architecture for the provision of a patient summary to overcome interoperability issues. A case study within the Dutch Justice System. Democratizing Data Science in healthcare: While conducting their MBI thesis, students are expected to actively participate and present twice in the MBI colloquium, a bi-weekly gathering in which MBI students present and discuss their thesis projects. Mining Cultural Capital in Online Profiles. The mandatory section consists of:

thesix The student may start the research project when 45 EC of the mandatory courses or primary electives is completed, or with approval by the programme director. Cyber security in healthcare: Towards better Internet and Enterprise Search. Deliver printed copies of the thesis to the supervisors: The curriculum of this Master programme consists of a mandatory and an optional section. ISI Web of Knowledge. Data Engineering Nagesh,Jathin 2 – Committed. There is also a Google Calendar containing all colloquium-related events.


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Mining Cultural Capital in Online Profiles. The student has to start a new project from scratch.

mbi uu thesis

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Research project – master thesis

Process Optimization in the Notarial Profession. Keeping control on the eGovernment highway. Students often perform these in collaboration with an external organisation, i. Below are the 88 Master of Business Informatics MBI thesis topics for which I have been — or still am — the main supervisor, ordered by research topic. Please let us know.

Study Programme – Business Informatics – Masters – Utrecht University

Please note that the student can fail the presentation. Software operation data mining: This presentation is required to terminate the first phase of the MBI thesis two parts. Any project, however, requires a first supervisor from the department who guarantees for the scientific quality of the thesis project.

Within the MBI programme research and education integrity plays an important role.


mbi uu thesis

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Business Intelligence thezis the Cloud: What is a bad time to apply for an internship? By visiting this site you are consenting to the use of cookies on this site. Towards an adaptive focus area maturity model for information security assessments at SMEs. Formalize the graduation request: Patterns for Derivation Business Rules. An overview of the current availability of the supervisors is shown below availability below zero means the supervisors are over-committed. You may combine your research project with an internship.

Data quality in general practice: For students who start their thesis in or after Septemberbut started their master before Septemberthe research project has two components:. The student is responsible for uploading the thesis to the thesis database of the university.

Measuring educational quality in secondary education. Students can also try to arrange a project that fits within an internship with a company.