That’s why most universities had scrapped it long ago So here’s the thing Also, to me, it means admiring and striving for excellence greatness. Entrance is also restricted by the availability of supervisors. All they can do is remove the entry requirements for the degree and in time make it mandatory.. Humans have been trying to make sense of the universe and have been unknowingly proposing cosmological theories. During his doctoral studies he presented papers at international conferences in the US, Russia and India. Submit a new text post.

After obtaining her BSc M degree, Kader was interested in pursuing her honours degree. Currently we offer a PhD in Mathematics Education based on the expertise that is available. Students will do the following compulsory Courses and may elect to take a module from any specialization: Reading other textbooks and finding additional material on the internet may be helpful too. They should submit a curriculum vitae with references, and a proposal of the doctoral research they intend to do. Dr Tonderai Mombeshora graduated with a PhD in Chemistry and is ready to make an impact in the world for the betterment of society. It provides mathematical support for all three of the other

Her honours project on Inhomogeneous Spherical Dust Collapse in General Relativity, for which she obtained a certificate of merit, was supervised by Dr Rituparno Goswami. Maharaj has encountered some struggles in his journey to graduation, but with the assistance from his lecturers and his determination to pull through and adhere to deadlines, he was able to overcome these obstacles.

That’s how everyone gets out of this happy But see the odd thing She has already generated some ukzzn new results in this direction.

UKZN: Mathematics and Computer Science Education: Postgraduate Degrees

Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. She hopes her work will lead her to cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence. But the last hundred years have seen a different sort of cosmology, a scientific cosmology.


There is an intake every second year — the next scheduled intake will be Zlto to expand after Google funding. Her mother said she was proud and privileged to pay honour to her daughter. However, the normal selection criteria in Colleges will still apply.

Maths coursework ukzn

Govt outlines tech hub aspirations. Mkhize has persevered through plenty of struggles in his journey, ranging from the inability to cope with the university workload that resulted in stress, to financial instability at home which affected his studies and well-being.

Interested postdoctoral fellows must first discuss their proposal with a potential supervisor within the School.

maths coursework ukzn

Centres of Excellence are an initiative of the DST-NRF which focuses on research excellence, capacity development as well as inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration. Govender is currently coursewofk her Master of Science MSc.

maths coursework ukzn

Waltham attributed his success to his own perseverance as well as the assistance and guidance from his lecturers and supervisors, Deshen Moodley and Anban Pillay. Goswami, who has interacted with Govender since her third year, said Govender has a deep interest in relativistic astrophysics, and therefore chose to do her honours project with him on gravitational collapse of dustlike matter.

Inspiring greatness means looking at the future and knowing that the possibilities are endless with what you can do because in fact you are great.

My work uses the advanced quantitative analysis of elections to find the key determinants of African political participation at individual, national and cross national levels in both democratic and electoral authoritarian regimes.

Submit a new link. Independent Research a year long module in the second year of study.

Govender ciursework her academic life with her love for yoga, Zumba, cooking and hiking. Has sound mastery of content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge PCK in the chosen learning areas. The student finds a problem ciursework industry and through research identifies and modifies a solution that already exists. He plans to further his knowledge in the field to be able to advance in his career. His interest in research inspired him to undertake his BSc honours degree and hopes to continue his passion by undertaking his masters and PhD.


Honours in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at UCT | Maths and Applied Maths Honours Program

So I lecture part time an honors course at one of the top 3 universities in SA and I can tell you that this is a serious discussion happening in most universities unfortunately im not a member of the senate so I can’t give in-depth info She plans to do a PhD and contribute to the scientific community.

She dug out various reference materials by herself, went through them and asked me questions, proving how serious she was with her project. She is also socially responsible, demonstrated by her participation in a fundraising drive for Autism Awareness. Even though Chemistry was not my best module it challenged me to do better.

University of KwaZulu-Natal: Master of Commerce in Leadership Studies

Brassel was certain that if he continued his postgraduate studies at MSCS, he would have the opportunity to work with some of the top rated researchers. The support structure throughout my studies has been amazing. During his honours he received a merit certificate in Cosmology for his interest in Physics.

maths coursework ukzn

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