Chew on June 11, at 8: Additionally, the statistical analysis used with cluster sampling is not only different, but also more complicated than that used with stratified sampling. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Because they are approximation to the integral. I have tried using elliptic integral calculator but still the answer make no sense.

For the total number of combinations, please refer to your school teacher. So, how to continue with comments the validity??? If the population is very skewed, you will need a pretty large sample size to use the CLT, however if the population is unimodal and symmetric, even small samples are ok. Simple Random Sampling SRS Stratified Sampling Cluster Sampling Systematic Sampling Multistage Sampling in which some of the methods above are combined in stages Of the five methods listed above, students have the most trouble distinguishing between stratified sampling and cluster sampling. The sample size is sufficiently large. Get more references from Internet.

Can you guide me how to do Term 2 assignment ? I have tried using elliptic integral calculator but still the answer make no sense.

Sampling Methods can be classified into one of two categories: July on May 1, at This phenomenon leads to deterioration of social ties and values. You can ask your teacher for answer. So is ur method valid or im the one in wrong? Tiffany Cheah on March 9, at 7: When there are very large populations, it is often difficult or impossible to identify every member of the population, so the pool of available subjects becomes biased.


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With stratified sampling one should: In the application in science and technology, some definite integrals are difficult to evaluate by the usual integration techniques. Stratified sampling works best when a heterogeneous population is split into fairly homogeneous groups.

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If you never compare with the exact value, it is no point for you to comment about T1 is greater than T2. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Each member of the population has an equal and known chance of being selected. Please google for the definition. Am on May 8, at 7: Parabola shape with transformations. Greater or lesser does not mean anything here. Hello sir Thanks for the sem 1 guidence.

Discuss the validity of your results. I am not going to discuss the questions in class.

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To check the appropriateness of using numerical methods. Give at least five different representations of a simple discrete function. X on May 1, at 4: The doursework on time spent daily by students in school to access the social media is recorded. You can prepare a survey form to get the data of the 30 students.


math coursework stpm 2017

Non-probability Sampling The following sampling methods that are listed in your text are types of non-probability sampling that should be avoided: U have to integrate it.

Sample solution will be posted when they are available or after i discuss the solution in class.

STPM Mathematics (T) Term 1 Assignment | KK LEE MATHEMATICS

Give at least three different representations of a continuous function. Sir, I need the solution before the holiday ends as it is the deadline for my school. Jin on June 12, at 6: For 3 a and bwhy the values for T1 is greater than the value for T2?

NavinJ on October 14, at 2: An individual group is called a stratum.

math coursework stpm 2017

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