An increase in ship size meant they found it difficult to come down the river as far as the Isle of Dogs where the river wasn’t as deep. JP Raud Dugal from http: Anonymous 28 August at This was so helpful! The majority of the jobs in the new hi-tech industries are unsuitable for unemployed docker workers. This site uses cookies. Many new roads, including M11 link.

Low-cost housing has also been built along with the renovation of older council-owned properties. Why were local people in London’s Docklands dissatisfied with the changes? Many were forced to leave the area in search of cheaper housing — and there was growing bitterness in the local community. Improve economic conditions by:. Pin It on Pinterest. Question 1 is checking that you understand the term urban renewal and can give a clear definition of what it means. Anonymous 27 May at

Anonymous 21 January at Case Study wtudy Regeneration of the Lon The aim of these UDCs was to regenerate inner city areas with large amounts of derelict and unuse land by taking over planning responsibility from local councils. Anonymous 8 January at Please tick a box showing your reaction, and any feedback is appreciated.

Reclaiming derelict land is: Anonymous 30 June at Pin It on Pinterest. Leisure A large shopping area was constructed close to Canary Warf.


Why might people living in Birmingham be more pleased with the changes there? This includes some of the original inhabitants of the area who are now unable to afford to live there. Many believe there are insufficient services for people living in the area e.

The area has now been transformed completely from the dereliction of the s to a glittering 21st century cityscape, with high-rise offices, shops, restaurants, health clubs and leisure facilities. This was so helpful! This case study has been really useful to aid me in my assignment!

lddc case study gcse

Posted by Mr Chambers at 6: These UDCs also attracted private sector investment through offering companies reduced taxes and other dtudy and in doing so they promoted industrial, residential and community developments. Eden Project Case Study: Most of the jobs are for skilled people working for big companies – other jobs are low paid, working in restaurants or shops.

lddc case study gcse

The land was csae rate free for ten years. Please Support Internet Geography If you’ve found the resources on this site useful please consider making a secure donation via PayPal to support the development of the site. Firefly needs a modern browser, so you may notice things look broken right now.

lddc case study gcse

Questions 3 and 4 look at actual examples of urban renewal, asking you to explain different reactions to the changes. Anonymous 27 May at Newer Post Shudy Post Home. Make sure you are prepared for vocabulary linked to cities and urban renewal such as: Unemployment soared, the back to back terraced housing fell into disrepair and there was a lack of transport and leisure facilities.


Evaluation of the London Docklands development corporation (LDDC)

The new transport links encouraged commercial tenants to move to Canary Wharf in the early s, despite economic uncertainties. These UDCs had the power to acquire and reclaim land, convert old buildings and improve infrastructure through the investment studt government money.

The above lists the number of visits from countries around the world since Sunday 6th May Newer Post Older Post Home. Today money is more likely to be spent in improving and modernising buildings in cities.

L.D.D.C – Revision Notes in GCSE Geography

Containerisation meant few dockers were needed with large cranes used to lift containers from ships; 3. Improve economic conditions by:. Many newspaper companies have moved out gccse crowded parts of Central London.

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