Again opinion was divided between those favoring the expatriate-led strategy and those who felt it was time for Jollibee to shake its Philippine identity and target the mainstream market wherever it went. Initially, the operation struggled, facing competition from street vendors and cheap local fast food chains. Bartlett Supplements the A case. When conflict between the local partners and the manager they had hired paralyzed the operation, in late , Jollibee dissolved the partnership and sold the operation to a new franchisee. A company that values family. Even if he were to approve the store, he wondered if he should support the menu variations that might complicate quality control.

Because most of his management team was more interested in the fast-growing domestic side of the business, in January , he decided to hire an experienced outsider as Vice President for International Operations. TTC summed up the lessons Jollibee had learned from its first international ventures: They wanted to do everything differently, so that if their stores did well, they could take all the credit. They are willing to transfer their management expertise to them in order to facilitate new outlets in becoming self-sufficient and profitable. Meanwhile, staffing problems were worsening.

California ; Asia ; Philippines ; Hong Kong. One of the first signs of serious trouble came during a project to redesign the Jollibee logo, which TTC initiated in mid After a brief experience with a food packaging company, in he took on the challenge to launch Texas Chicken, another U. Kitchner intrenational to put up lots of stores, maximizing revenue for Jollibee. Not all overseas Filipinos were potential customers, it seemed.

On knternational other side of the Pacific, a possible store opening in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong raised other issues for Tingzon. They felt stymied by requirements to follow certain procedures and go through proper channels to obtain assistance.


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Vice President Franchising Remedios V. The flag was being planted. The hope was that Jollibee would then expand to all consumers throughout the U.

jollibee foods corporation international expansion case study

Company History Started in as an ice cream parlor owned and run by the Chinese-Filipino Tan family, Uollibee had diversified into sandwiches after company President Tony Tan Caktiong better known as TTC realized that events triggered by the oil crisis would double the price of ice cream. The Student Who Was Mi InJollibee revoked the franchise agreement and shut down the Singapore store.

Jollibee Foods Corporation (A): International Expansion

While Jollibee was established in the region, local managers clrporation urging the company to adjust its menu, change its operations, and refocus its marketing on ethnic Chinese customers.

Store managers were the key to motivating and controlling crew members responsible for taking orders, preparing food, and keeping the restaurant clean. As operations stabilized and the store manager started to see patterns in sales and operational needs, FSMs allowed stores to report the same data weekly and provide a monthly summary.

Tan family members occupied several key positions particularly in the vital operations functions, but brought in professional managers to supplement their expertise. International Expansion Moving Offshore: Food and Beverage Industry.

jollibee foods corporation international expansion case study

Brunei Meanwhile, expanison joint venture opened in August in the small sultanate of Brunei, located on the northern side of the island of Borneo. There is a need to hire local store workers to cater to customers who could not speak English well to ease and make them feel comfortable choosing the menu or giving orders. By the end ofwith four successful stores in Brunei, TTC identified a key difference in the Brunei entry strategy: As he consulted colleagues at Jollibee, however, he heard differing opinions.


International also redesigned the Jollibee logo. Noli Tingzon has an inherent point of view about Filipino work culture.

If managers could not come up with solutions themselves, she would coach them to help them generate answers. That was a key learning: The menu would be transplanted from the Philippines without changes.

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Expanding the Base fourth store in Hong Kong. By continuing to use our site you consent to the use of cookies as described in our privacy policy unless you have disabled them. For approximately two months after opening, FSMs required stores in foofs jurisdictions to corporatino them every day their figures for sales by product, customer traffic, and average ticket. Located near a major transit hub in the Central district, it became a gathering place for Filipino expatriates, primarily domestic workers.

Bartlett Supplements the A case. Jollibee Foods Corporation A and B. With more than a million immigrants from the Philippines living in California, most relatively affluent, this state had one of the highest concentrations of Filipino expatriates in the world.