As products are successfully developed and experience of agile working develops within the programme, this rating is expected to improve. This concluded that it would be more appropriate to pursue our objectives using off-the-shelf technology, rather than continuing to develop bespoke tags. The programme is experiencing delays in moving to the SOP. This period covers the expected duration of the contracts awarded through the programme. Skip to main content. The delivery confidence reflects the ongoing commercial discussions with the supplier concerning the delay of MoJ on-boarding onto the Single Operating Platform SOP. The level of achievement and sustainability of the benchmark will be assessed at the end of March when the available evidence will be reviewed.

In this case, agile refers to building and testing in small chunks, and working quickly to deliver improvements to a service. Lack of a baseline plan is still a critical issue and work to assure the plan continues. All other aspects of the programme have either now been completed or are due to complete as planned. The variance between in year budget and forecast has arisen as a result of lower than budgeted in year support costs. Current year baseline and forecast reflect latest position and are slightly different to the latest Programme Business Case PBC model.

The amber green rating reflects the most recent independent assurance review which found projects continued to be on track for delivery with only limited bussiness.

Applications for all other civil case types will be mandatory from 1 April This will allow online application forms to be mandated and subsequent closure of the Crime Change Programme.

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Judicial Office Business Plan 2015-16

The Programme Board took the view that that risk warranted the programme to remain buxiness amber. The variance between in year budget and forecast has arisen as a result of lower than budgeted in year support costs.


hmcts business plan 2015-16

However, due to the challenges in securing Treasury funding, delivery confidence remained amber red during Q2. An Infrastructure and Projects Authority review confirmed the plan was credible but that the commercial element remained a challenge. In addition, this year the submission requirements have changed and now require the addition of the value of the legacy contracts. This was due to policy change and legal challenges.

hmcts business plan 2015-16

Capital proceeds are netted off against capital spend. In light of this progress, the Legal Aid Agency took the decision to update the rating to green. This is a pre-requisite for the final strand of the programme, the provision of in-cell telephony and additional services. This research will shape service design and further detailed planning.

Following the delay in implementing new Crime Contracts from 11 January to 1 Aprilthe programme has extended its closure date to the 30 Aprilto ensure that there is governance to support the changes.

MOJ Government Major Project Portfolio data, September 2015 (CSV)

Contract negotiations have been successfully concluded with BT. The Transforming Prisoner Telephony TPT Programme aims to secure continuity of the current telephony service by negotiating a suitable extension, exit and transition arrangement with BT; procure and rollout a new data and cabling network and award a new service concession to providing in-cell prisoner telephony and potentially a range of basic self service functionality. Our commitment is simple: Both the prison benchmark and facilities management projects continue to actively manage the transition to business as 215-16.

This decision has been made following feedback from providers and their representative bodies and will give providers extra time to familiarise themselves with the system and complete training ahead of full mandatory use. This project is also assessing responses to the public consultation on the future of specified buildings. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in.


These risks are being mitigated through the aforementioned transition strategy. Filling specialist roles has been a challenge, but work has moved ahead to identify suitable candidates. 2015-61

MoJ is working with The Cabinet Office and the supplier to agree a transition plan and a new project end date. The Spending Review outcome could also lead to a pln to rapidly redesign plans.

hmcts business plan 2015-16

The project remains on schedule to deliver the first of 2, places in February We have therefore terminated the contract to develop bespoke tags and are starting a new procurement process for proven tags that are already on the market.

The programme closed on schedule on 31 March Resource costs include implementation costs less profit on 201-516 recorded on sales of fixed assets.

But hmctz the core of our vision is: There have been savings in licences, contingency and hosting and support costs. In Septemberthe amber delivery confidence assessment reflected good overall progress with the need to rapidly grow the capacity and capability of the core programme team to enable the scheduled ramp up to activity.

Courts and Tribunals Judiciary | Judicial Office Business Plan

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Each phase will consist of separate business cases.