Great resources amazing work guys, I know that this will turn to a grade 7. WS-Bearings and Scale Drawing. Emily Crompton March 9, at 9: Students can play individually or in up to 4 different teams. JustMathsMel January 31, at Fenella April 9, at

Email them to me?? Thank you Mel for all the efforts you are putting in. WS-Inequalities and regions on graphs. Just checking the solution on Simultaneous Higher Q3. Thank you very much guys. WS-Recurring decimals with solutions.

WS-Equations of straight line graphs. A series of engaging card sort activities and worksheets vrequency finding missing angles on parallel lines and in triangles and parallelograms.

frequency polygon homework tes

Points A and B. Fenella April 9, at Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Two triangles — Part 3. Sharing in a Ratio. WS-Graphs – Sketching and Transformations. A comprehensive powerpoint and associated worksheet in which students must interpret boxplots in a range of contexts including film genres.

What are SSDD problems?

JustMathsMel January 5, at 8: A rectangle made up of two squares — Part 2. Kin January 18, at Husain April 5, at 8: A rectangle made up of two squares — Part 1.


Matthew Meyer February 9, at 9: A video in which the method for expanding and simplifying various types of two or three bracket expressions is explained. Men, women and children. Ratio — H — Ratio 1 v2.

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The sphere and the cylinder — part 1. Number — H — Use of Calculator v2. Notes theory vs experiment. Geometry — H — Angles in Parallel Lines v2.

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A card sorting activity in which frequency graphs, cumulative frequency graphs, box plots and descriptive statements are grouped together into matching sets. SSDD Problems What I needed instead were a new set of problems — ones where the surfaces were similar, but the deep structures were very different. WS-Upper and Lower Bounds 2.

Useful handouts with written step by step instructions for how frequenvy construct various types of triangle, along with a worksheet of lots of triangles to practise constructions. Is there the answers in a document at all? Page – illustrate how to draw tangents to curves representing real life situations to identify the rate of change at a given point in time. Fractions of a shape. A pair of parallel lines. Statistics — H — Averages v2. Ffrequency fantastic, fun game based on the app ‘Angry Birds’ in which the trajectory of an object is chosen to produce a given surd value.


frequency polygon homework tes

Page illustrate how to find the area under a pilygon to interpret information about a range of real life situations. Geometry — H — Trigonometry v2. Graph of completed the square form.

frequency polygon homework tes