All that we are told in the beginning of the story is that he had not in the least intended to be an astrologer when he began life. Others of the opinion that Narayan’s Malgudi is Coimbatore which has many of the landmarks – a river on one side, forests on the other, the Mission School and College, and all the extensions mentioned in the novels. I personally liked the way the groundnut seller uses catchy phrases to transact business: This enormous distance covered is emphasized as: The effect is further heightened when the astrologer even gives out his correct name. It is for Narayan, just as Wessex is for Thomas Hardy or Yoknapatawpha for William Faulkner, an imaginary landscape inhabited by the unique characters of his stories. This episode leaves us with new-found admiration for the astrologer.

August 5, at The narration continues at its normal expected pace until an unusual client appears in the scene to consult the astrologer when the astrologer was packing up his astrology paraphernalia and was ready to call it a day. But now the man he thought he had killed was alive. His English was so personal and easy, so without English social associations, that there was no feeling of oddity; he always appeared to be writing from within his culture. Though it is the story of a particular incident in the life of an astrologer, the major part of the story describes a day in the life of an astrologer in India who sits on the pavement to read palms to tell the future of men. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

They may be rightly called Malgudi novels just as Hardy’s novels are called Wessex novels. From ‘The World of Malgudi’ by A. I want a free account. Had he studied the stars and mastered the art, contrary to the common belief? Yet he a things which pleased and astonished everyone: What the tableaux leave out are the centuries of the Muslim invasions and Muslim rule.


Palaces and mansions appeared and disappeared. The boughs of the spreading tamarind tree, the surging crowd moving up and down the narrow road morning till night, the variety of traders- medicine sellers, sellers of stolen hardware and junk, magicians, auctioneers of cheap cloth, and vendors of fried groundnut- vociferously vying with each other to attract the crowd created a remarkable work place for the astrologer.

expository essay on an astrologers day

Narayan was awarded the A. The revelation unties many knots merely hinted at earlier and weaves the parts into a unified whole. His attitude towards them is always expository in the sense that he explains and exhibits them to an outside world.

The light and smoke of the crackling flare above the groundnut heap, enchantment of the place created by lack of lighting, hissing gaslights and bewildering criss-cross of light rays and moving shadows created the right setting for an astrologer.

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The terrible ruins of the capital-still speaking four centuries later of loot and hate and blood and Hindu defeat, a whole world destroyed-were perhaps a day’s journey from Mysore City.

The man transacts his business purely on his wits and the ignorance of his clients.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. March 26, at 7: Archana, your blog is awesum n it has helpd me a lot wid my project. The story builds up certain suspense in the mind of the readers regarding the circumstances that had compelled the protagonist to leave his village all of a sudden without any plan or preparation and take to astrology to eke out a living in the town.

The astrologer tries his usual tricks about talking marriage or money but the man wants to expostiory answers of his specific questions. February 3, at 6: Convinced that his assailant aastrologers been crushed under a astrologera months ago, Guru Nayak would not want to venture out of his village when it forebode gave risk to his life. While it had been published earlier, it was the titular story of Narayan’s fourth collection of short stories [1] published in by Indian Thought Publications.


He creates an atmosphere of a perfect work place for the astrologer.

An Astrologer’s Day

Narayan, in an interview astroologers to S. Naik 2 has appended a map of Malgudi in his book ‘The Ironic Vision’ based on the various descriptions of the town to be found in all his stories. An impressive share, I simply given this onto a colleague who was doing just a little analysis on this. Answers come with explanations, so that you can learn.

Shilling, esssay local bank manager. Even though we may harbour doubts about their knowledge of stars, we do feel tempted to consult them to know what future has in store for us! He is not an astrologer by profession but was led into it by circumstances that forced him to leave na village, where, if he had stayed, he would have settled down to a life of tilling the land. Secondary School English 5 points. Malgudi, of course, does not exist.

expository essay on an astrologers day

Apart from shortening his name, Graham Greene had other effects on R. Malgudi is perhaps the single most endearing “character” R. If he had continued to live in his village, he would have tilled the land and tended his cornfields like his forefathers.