He reaches a temple but the huge crowd at the door knocks him off of his feet. A man stood holding a pole with yellow, red, green and purple balloons flying from it. Though they may be important to him are not necessarily things that he needs. So without waiting for an answer he moved on. So, without waiting for an answer, he moved on. And then we start to strike the list one by one. He was awarded the Ph.

Children today may still wish for things that they cannot have. Whose baby are you? Farheen August 3, 4: But, knowing his parents had forbidden him to hear such coarse music as the snake- charmer played, he proceeded farther. He enters the fields and rummages through the flower. Men, women and children, carried away in a whirling motion, shrieked and cried with dizzy laughter. It is with his family that he feels the safest and most secure.

It stood as a reaction against the Direct Method. Anand ra not underplay the surging of the Indian crowd, and he definitely shows that trying to rescue them in order is a largely futile activity. He is also well aware of the natural bond and instinct of parents and their children and is immune to the allures of fleeting pleasures in sweetmeats or joyrides offered by the kind man.

He is overcome with delight and joy after taking such a beautiful sight. It might also be a case that the parents have an expectation for their son to learn to enjoy the festival losg spring without being side tracked by the vendors whose sole purpose is to make money.


The Lost Child Summary by Mulk Raj Anand

A world that excites him because he is at a carnival. Post a Comment Drop any query, suggestion or comment here. They were not there, ahead if him. From the wintry shades of narrow lanes and alleys emerged a gaily clad humanity. He was educated first at the Punjab University from where he graduated Then he went to England and studied Philosophy in London and Cambridge Universities.

The child went towards the snake-charmer. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. He ran towards them.

English for Undergraduate students: The Lost Child – Mulk Raj Anand

Can u answer this question for mluk please. The child began to sob but when he saw what lay before him; his eyes were filled with delight. Can you smell those nice flowers, child! The man has a flute and a snake.

essay of the lost child by mulk raj anand

Dermot Post Essya May 16, Whose baby are you? In the midst of the fair, his attention is fixed on the sweetmeat seller who is exhorting customers to enjoy the sugary delight of his sweetmeats. The man came out of the thick crowd with the boy and asked him whose baby he was, but the child only cried bitterly, saying that he wanted his father and mother.

essay of the lost child by mulk raj anand

The child is young and inquisitive. It can be said that the one thing you want most in life can become clear when you are in an extreme position. A shower of young flowers fell upon the child as he entered the grove, and, forgetting his parents, he began to gather the raining petals in his hands.


essay of the lost child by mulk raj anand

It is with his family that he feels the safest and most secure. An English Teacher; M.

The Lost Child by Mulk Raj Anand

Some walked, some rode on horses, others sat, being carried in bamboo and bullock carts. Like the child, even though its just my way of seeing, and taj parents. He ran quickly again, this time to a shrine to which people seemed to be crowding. If anything the boy seems to forget about everything that he might want when he is connected to nature.

They have colourful and diverse appearances; some are brightly dressed while some are ordinarily clad. At the door los the temple the crowd was so thick that he was knocked down and was about to be trampled when he was picked up by a man in the crowd. The innocence of a child is exhibited in a soft manner he overcomes the pain of his unfulfilled dreams and finds beauty in the simple things like the bounties of Mother Nature. Facebook Twitter Email Print.

There was no sign of them. He left the footpath and entered into the mustard-field and began to chase some dragon-flies and a black bee or a butterfly.