Keeping our courses up-to-date and current requires constant innovation and change. We had very little time to complete the challenge which is lesson number one of Motorsport that we will have to get used to — deliver and deliver on time. Motorsport is an exacting world that requires total commitment from its engineers. Evaluate the particular issues relating to the commercial aspects of motorsport management. To provide experience of a computer based dynamics simulation package of industrial standard, and to provide experimental exercises to illustrate major physical concepts. Additional fees for extensions to the agreed registration period may be charged.

Appraise the historical development of motorsport and competition vehicle evolution. Provide detailed understanding and practical experience of the use of composite materials in racing car structures including materials selection, component design, manufacturing technology processing and performance. Overseas and EU students may be interviewed by telephone. Any failures mean the teams have to go back and improve their design and its manufacture. This track record ensures the course is highly respected by the motorsport industry. Appraise the performance limits of a competition vehicle and the sources of such limitations.

The course aims to encourage students to acquire skills in information gathering, the processing of information, analysis and communication and these skills will be tested by thesiis assignments. Evaluate and compare the techniques used for the design, processing and assembly and testing of motorsport structural components.

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Any failures mean the teams have to go back and improve their design and its manufacture. The visit of Nigel Jones of the MSA also reinforced what our teaching team had already stated on several occasions: Examine the fundamental role electronic systems and acquired data have on and off vehicle throughout motorsport.

Differentiate between CFD approaches for different flow regimes.


cranfield motorsport thesis

We had to perform analysis of steel tubes being crushed under both quasi static as well as dynamic loads. To help students find and secure appropriate funding, we have created a funding finder where you can search for suitable sources of funding by filtering the results to suit your needs.

Changes may also be designed to improve the student learning experience or to respond to feedback from students, external examiners, accreditation bodies and industrial advisory panels. Students who excel on the Masters’ course have their performance recognised through prizes from our partners and associates presented either on the day of the Motorsport Group Design Presentations or at the Motorsport MSc ‘Parc Ferme’ Graduation event in the June of the following year.

The task sounded simple — until we started it. Back to course information.

Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc

Our group design projects have proven very successful in developing new conceptual designs which are now implemented in competition vehicles and have even influenced sporting regulations. Our minimum requirements are as follows:. Leaving the comfort of home to study abroad for a year involves a lot of preparation and comes with a degree of anxiety.

It is clear this MSc course has these terms in mind.

Our students regularly engage with motorsport practitioners through group design and individual project work supported by industry. This module will enable students to understand the basic principles governing aerodynamics in relation to competition vehicles, including the use of wind tunnel testing techniques.

Studying at Cranfield will immerse you in a highly focused motorsport engineering learning experience, providing you with access to motorsport companies and practitioners. Assess categorisation of competition vehicles. To understand the key features of CFD methods used for simulating external flows for engineering applications.

Securing ,otorsport is ultimately down to the student who completes the job applications and attends the interviews. Your career Motorsport is a highly competitive sector. Overseas and EU students may be interviewed by telephone.


Develop finite element model of a metallic and non-metallic except composite motordport using modelling and simulation tools.

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Formulate a solution strategy for a given fluid dynamics problem in motorsports. Debate with engineering practitioners the implications of high engine speeds on the mechanical and thermofluid behaviour of engines. Careers Service Cranfield University Careers services can help you achieve your dream job after Graduation. The second week was the introduction week, during which we had talks and presentations from motosport professionals in the motorsport industry. Assess the potential sources of competitive advantage for an organisation in cranfielx motorsport sector and the steps needed to both create and sustain such an advantage 4.

cranfield motorsport thesis

Our education will help us become better engineers. A first or second class UK Honours degree or its international equivalent in engineering, mathematics, physics or an applied science and a demonstrable motivation and commitment to being actively involved in motorsport.

cranfield motorsport thesis

The fees outlined apply to all students whose initial date thewis registration falls on or between 1 August and 31 July To provide experience of a computer based dynamics simulation package of industrial standard, and to provide experimental exercises to illustrate major physical concepts. All students pay the tuition fee set by the University for the full duration of their registration period agreed at their initial registration.