They wanted to know what their children are learning in their classrooms. Because we spend most of our time in school studying and learning our subjects that leaves us tired when we got home. If there is no homework, teachers will find it harder to see how each student is doing and homework will help them see if they’re struggling so they know they know how to help them. B if the student cannot do the homework, they would ask thier parents for help, therefore makeing the homework usless for the fact that the parent did the homework. Then you cant do family stuff like play games together or eat diner together.

If a child forgets a homework assignment, the teacher may make the person do it during gym or recess. This speech is really forced. Dari contoh text discussion bahasa Inggris diatas, kita bisa menarik pemahaman lebih cepat karena kita telah belajar cara membacanya dari susunan generic structure. And homework is one of the most common causes of family arguments. There are many reasons homework should not be abolished as it is beneficial towards the student. We are the ones who gain from learning so we should take responsibility for some of our own learning.

In school everyone is equal, but at home conth people have advantages bec Doing that greatly improves your learning. More Homework hours lowers test performance Loading children with hours of homework each night causes more harm, while an hour or two per week homewodk does not impact test scores in anyways.

It is all because they didn’t have time, the little time they have for them to be taught about life, the time where they should be strengthening themselves and their beliefs, all are exchanged for good grades and proofs that they learned their calculus. You didn’t pass the humanoid test!


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A child learning homework — Discussion Text. Students have to sit all day at school. This is a form of family time in which learning can take place in both the parent and the student.

contoh debat bahasa inggris tentang homework

Reasoning 3-You spend a lot of time about mins on homework, which gives you less sleep. There is no clear evidence supporting the claim that homework improves the grades or the understanding of the students.

Kids have to remember what they learned in school to do their homework. There should be hommework on how to make the contents of homework better and more productive.

Menyajikan pendapat yang berseberangan: Kids could spend time with their parents and have family bonding time. Homework can make students too tired after a long day at school. Should be banned Support Dispute Clarify jgrachel 2 Disputed 1 point Homework is not a waste of your time it helps you practice! They also suffer punishments if work is done badly or late.

Homework is supposed to make learning easier.

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It might be a continuation of classwork or a new piece of work. How can students lead a creative life, when they are piled up with homework?

Ada tentu yang sangat menyetujui dengan keberadaan pekerjaan rumah bagi anak-anak karena PR bisa membantu anak mengingat kebali pelajaran yang disampaikan di sekolah dan waktu untuk mengulas itu adalah ketika debar PR. The time for doing their homeworks should be spent by them bonding with their family or friends, resting, and spending their time being happy and motivated.

Assigning massive amounts of homework indicates massive incompetence, laziness, and failure on the part of the teacher. Try and get your homework done in as little time as possible, with onggris output. We are not the only ones who take a lot of time on homework, our teachers do as well.


And they should be aloud to do that.

contoh debat bahasa inggris tentang homework

When students ask for help from their parents, they are sharing and engaging task between the parent and the student. If you have to say homework is a waste of time you must supply reasoning and evidence to explain yourself better.

Recommendation ; finally in the end of the discussion, it is important to re-think to formulate certain recommendation for the discussed issue.

Homework should be banned

Loading children with hours of homework each night causes more harm, while an hour or two per week usually does not impact test scores in anyways. It is better that the teacher should spend their time in class teaching so leaving practising the methods taught to homework.

Homework should be banned Homework should be banned. If anyone says that they do not get time to play or spend time with their family than manage yourself.

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Make me tired and unmotivated. This can affect their jobs, their success and thewell beinging in general. A survey from the Washington Post showed cnotoh most homework that is assigned in class is went over before going home so thwe kids can leave with an understanding of the topic.

contoh debat bahasa inggris tentang homework