Thank you for your thought-provoking insights, Andrii. In the essay I focused on the regulatory framework for ethical behaviour of counsel: Following completion of my thesis, I plan to apply for associate membership and above of the CIArb. The essay title is: The Closing Date for entries is Wednesday, 31 August at 5: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is beneficial that such membership is free.

It is beneficial that such membership is free. In addition, I believe that they also helped me, in combination with my bachelor diploma with honours, to secure a scholarship for my LLM in International Trade Law at the University of Essex, which provided for full tuition fee waiver. How does it feel to have won the competition and could you tell us a little about your submission? Thus, I was looking for the opportunity to have sufficient time and resources to develop my ideas and it seems that the research environment of the English educational system is the perfect place to do it. I finished my postgraduate studies with distinction, which was certainly beneficial for my career. Reflecting on my experience, there are several key differences.

I have always had the highest regard for my postgraduate education experience in the UK. Sections of this page.

Essay Competition: CIArb – Conflict Resolvers Network

Ukrainian Arbitration Association Nonprofit Organization. I spent significant time preparing my essay and am really essaj that my efforts have been rewarded.

Speakers can submit abstracts for the full 90 minutes or shorter sessions.

ciarb essay competition

Each workshop will last for 90 minutes. Students can also join up for free Competitipn Student memberships here. Thus, a good Ukrainian lawyer should know at least the basics of English commercial law. Following completion of my thesis, I plan to apply for associate membership and above of the CIArb. Thirdly, unlike the UK, confidence in the court system is very low.

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During my undergraduate studies I developed a strong interest in commercial law. The CIArb Australian Branch reserves the right to publish any part of any essay submitted for the competition.

ciarb essay competition

Afternoon Andrii, firstly, congratulations from all of us at CIArb. School of International Arbitration School. To finish things off, do you think you could offer our young members and the aspiring professionals reading some advice?

Entrants need not be members of CIArb.

We’ve updated our cookie policy. Your academic profile is certainly very impressive. I cannot say that after finishing school I knew exactly what I wanted to do in my life; rather, I knew exactly what areas I was not interested in. Connect with us to download course information. I have been a PhD researcher at Aston Law School since October and over this relatively short period of time the scope of my research project has changed several times from the initial proposal submitted by me.

I was so thrilled to have an opportunity to join such a prestigious profession and become the first ever lawyer in my family. Previous article Next article.

Could you tell us about your PhD thesis? Entries are invited from students studying a Bachelor, Juris Doctor or Masters level law degree at the date the entry is submitted.

ciarb essay competition

Moreover, even a person without a law degree could possibly represent a party in court on the basis of a power of attorney although such cases were extremely rare. I was becoming a generalist rather than a specialist in a particular area, which was quite unsettling, because I felt that over time I might simply forget competirion those skills acquired during my specific training. In my thesis I examine the branches which already are more or less theoretically established and argue for a new branch in the area of trade finance.


Andrii Zharikov wins CIArb’s YMG Essay Competition

Consequently, for lawyers, especially those beginning their career, this means that for every new project you need to spend a substantial amount of extra non-billable time to acquaint yourself with regulations in the area. This essay competition requires students to write about esday intervention of courts in international arbitration. In the field of trade finance that service is provided by the Documentary Instruments Dispute Resolution Expertise administered by the International Chamber of Commerce.

All cometition activities helped me to develop a clearer understanding about my legal interests and future career. Law is an extremely dynamic discipline which is influenced very much by external factors, such as politics, economics, technical progress, etc. Reflecting on my experience, there are several key differences. Eventually, I joined the banking and finance department at one of the strongest legal players in the country.

The reform requiring all party representatives in courts cisrb be members of the bar should be fully implemented by It is beneficial that such membership is free.