Preparing for your ACS examination in general chemistry. Answers to end-of-chapter homework problems are located in the back of your textbook for selected problems. There will be 9 computer-graded homework HW assignments throughout the semester, which are available through Blackboard. Upload document Create flashcards. All deadlines on the dates shown below are at

Because so many laboratory sections exist, each with different laboratory instructors, the laboratory score presented to the 2 lecture instructor is subject to normalization if necessary. Another aspect of academic integrity is the free play of ideas. The weightings of the midterms, final, homework, quizzes and laboratory in the class are listed below. Upload document Create flashcards. Chemistry is a challenging course. This will only be done for ONE excused absence.

chem 211 gmu homework

Each laboratory instructor will assign a score according to the percentage of total points earned throughout the semester by the student. Course Grading The final grade in this course will be based on a percentage of points earned relative to total possible points. All deadlines on the dates shown below are at You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users.

This will only be done for ONE excused absence. Other policies are available at http: An absence will be excused ONLY if the student provided the instructor with adequate documentation in writing covering the excuse e. Students who have completed Chem laboratory in a prior semester, and who scored above the section average, may waive the laboratory requirement. Upload document Create flashcards. When in doubt of any kind please ask for guidance and clarification.


You must complete the HW assignments before the assigned 2211 posted below to receive full credit.

chem 211 gmu homework

The quizzes reflect current subject material, often on topics covered the same day in lecture. However, an absolute grading scale cannot be determined until all scores have been compiled and evaluated.

Excuses such a mild sickness or car troubles will not be accepted. Normalization is performed to ensure equity in lab scores for all students enrolled in Chem General Comments The purpose of Chemistry and is to introduce students to the properties, structure, and reactions of matter in our universe.

General Chemistry II – George Mason University

chdm Students who earned a score lower than the section average should re-take the laboratory. All academic accommodations must be arranged through the ODS. Reading the text ahead of the lecture schedule is imperative for success on quizzes.

Although as a rule of thumb the following scale will apply, it is subject to minor change during the semester: Chemistry is a challenging course. The online HW counts as part of the overall grade. If you approach it correctly and with a firm understanding of the demanding requirements, I hope you will find Chemistry rewarding and enjoyable.

You should obtain a separate notebook for working out homework problems and you need to homewlrk this notebook to the instructor or tutor when you are seeking help. If one exam is missed, for any reason, then the point values of the other exams will be increased proportionately to cover the missed exam. Preparing for your ACS examination in general chemistry.


chem 211 gmu homework

You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available gju to authorized users. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer.

Tips for studying chemistry are provided below as a series of steps the student should follow for the material in each chapter. Students not submitting a waiver form to both the department and the lecture instructor may receive an F for the laboratory section.

General Chemistry II – George Mason University

Complete the online Connect HW. Practice midterms are available through Connect that follow the format of the in class exams.

Another aspect of academic integrity is the free play of ideas. For complaints, use another form. No test scores will be dropped when determining the final grade.

A Robinson Hall; ; http: Students should consult with the laboratory instructors to keep track of the section percent average throughout the semester.