Who did he expect Sasquatch to be? Charging was second nature to Toro. How is this or is this not Bushido? Ironically Santo fell in love with a woman that resembled his mother which is a further indication for the Armageddon in his head. Only he knew he had become humanized. The message touches on the potential within every human of enlightenment through two concepts intertwined; suffering and will.

His life purpose and fate happen at the extramundane level, justifying his deeper detachment from the main society that bothers his peers so much. He joins the Marines as an escape, but ultimately as an opportunity to acquire nobility. At the age of seventeen, Toro decides to join the Marine Corps in order to escape from the varrio since he will gain respect without being questioned about his homeboy loyalty. This will be a place of peace, of inspiration and amor. I do think they do. Moreover, Toro transitions from using craziness as a shield to using craziness to empower himself during combat.

Santo is the character who struggles throughout the entire novel with his role, the lives of his peers and what varrio amor means. Moreover, Toro transitions from using craziness as a shield to using craziness to empower himself during combat.

They are ruthless and live through their own norms, purposefully bushidp themselves from a society that does not care about them. What does this reveal about Toro? The Bac Sierra Blog Dedicated to the spirit that makes us who we are.

barrio bushido essay

I felt that Toro, Santo and Lobo were like three fishes taken out of the water. His childhood is spent feeding his brothers and sisters while his parents sleepwalk through drug addictions and impossible economic realities. Toro reinforces his mythological character by thinking as a bull.

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He achieves upward mobility through his veteran status and starts attending college, but there is no social recognition for his struggles in life, ezsay alone for the ones of his mother.


With this profound message and purposeful story that exposes so many truths without judgment; the narrative becomes an important and relevant piece of work for revolution.

Often times this street love is contradictory, Santo sees these contradictions and how street love limits the already suffocating grip of the barrio. Although these thoughts irritated Toro, he grasped that bario was defeat in this atmosphere.

barrio bushido essay

Santo never strategizes his actions to reap benefits from the accomplishments of his familia. This line illustrates that Toro is ready to take this dangerous journey portraying himself as an animal even if this means to sacrifice his own identity.

Only a true saint could forgive unconditionally and encompass this instinctual love for others regardless their faults. The enemy targets wave the red flag which signals his instinct to charge. Barrio Bushido is not only a code between brothers that demands unconditional loyalty, acceptance, and love — it is a way of life.

A crack in the armor exposes his weakness for all to see and then he is cornered, roped into a gigantic battle of which there cannot truly be a winner. I rise to the ring.

This book explores a piece of the world without judgment, but with the neutral understanding given to a disenfranchised people finding a way in an unforgiving and uncaring society. The disease is a battle that Santo has had with himself the entire time. At the end of the chapter are they busted by the police, or how exactly are they busted?

Although, Santo is only a mortal being, his moniker remains true, revealing Santo as the only homeboy with both the gift and burden of a halo. On the contrary, Toro is able to see beyond his shiny medals to connect to his personal truth that is harsh realities filled with pain and suffering.

They are victims of so much and yet charge through life refusing to be victimized, owning disenfranchisement in a bizarre and inspirational manner. He identifies the hypocrisy in this societal attitude that will glorify and make you a hero for your role in mass violence but will look down upon you and lock you up for doing the same thing on the streets.


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Or would you have actually rather proved prejudices, delivered justice, and seen me mad dog you caged rssay in penitentiary blues? Under every circumstance his reactions are the same. Fueled by internal conflict, Toro battles to repress his developing new identity, converting his efforts into motivation, courage and strength, which are essential in confronting his cognitive philosophies.

barrio bushido essay

I took care of my little brothers. What does Lobo command him to do?

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essaj Though he does not allow himself the courage and strength to profoundly reflect during war, he later reveals that to have allowed himself the luxury of contemplation would mean acknowledging his philosophies, that there were in fact ideas and philosophies in existence, a concept that deters Toro of his bull like persona. Mariana Jordao Guterman English 1B Instructor Benjamin Bac Sierra November 15th Analysis of Barrio Bushido Literature, among others forms of cultural expression such as art and music, often does not have a defined eszay or value.

Toro begins to think like a man. Santo sacrificed himself for his friends so they would not have to commit more sins, but before leaving this world he would perform a miracle to meet the requirements essah the holy code.