Learning outcomes of TMA 05 In completing this assignment you will demonstrate your: You may include information such as facts and figures in appendices if they are explicitly discussed in the body of the assignment. Guidance for Part 1 For this TMA, you are provided with data about a familiar organisation, so all students have access to the same kind of financial information to analyse using concepts taught in Block 4. If you experience any difficulties in deciding which organisation to focus on for future TMAs, now is the time to discuss the options with your tutor. If there is a good reason why you think you cannot meet a cut-off date you must contact your tutor well before that date to request an extension. Talking with your tutor will help you to plan and complete the assignment and also to check your understanding of what it requires. Use headings for each part of a question that you answer, be careful of multiple part questions and split out your answers to each part to ensure that a marker can just tick them off as you list them on their first read through.

How you structure the description of your proposed organisation is up to you, but it should include: Include a very brief introduction specifying the organisation or part of an organisation that you have analysed and the HRM approach chosen. Your tutor will also find this easier to read and mark on-screen, and putting him or her in a good mood whilst marking helps the subjective elements of assessment. You may need to use bullet points or lists to write concisely. Examples from your experience, explained in the light of the module material and concepts, are good things to include in your TMA answers. Current and potential shareholders 8 marks 2. To help you with this, the module team has built the module activities to allow you to develop your work towards each assignment.

Refer to the guidance on word counts in Section 1. The assignments offer you the opportunity to think about the different ways this material feeds into the learning objectives of the module and bring your understanding to new levels of insight. Thanks for this, very helpful. What might any apparent trends over time signify? If you are unsure about any aspects of the University and module policy, please ask your tutor for advice in the first instance. Essay outline 2 marks 2. You can use the header field to do this.


Because TMAs 02—06 of B address key functional activities, the organisation you choose needs to demonstrate all five functions in action. As you are working on your assignments, you may want to ask yourself the following questions. Advice about all aspects of assessment, including how to prepare for exams, can be accessed via the Assessment website.

Again, the structure of your answer is a matter for personal choice and you may like to adopt an informal or dialogue style.

If your chosen organisation is a charity or public service, you may be able to find data about its performance e.

b203 tma 02 essay

Explain the major reasons for the high dropout rate in college. Alternatively, you may visit the Open University website at www.

(DOC) B tutor marked assignments and guidance-2 | Federico Sorcinelli –

Depending on your own circumstances, it may be quite difficult to apply your learning in a work context. If so, one option is to explore how your learning from Block 4 has enabled you to understand stories in the business news, or to manage your personal finances more confidently.

Your tutor is most interested in your reflections here, and how you are developing your knowledge, skills and understanding through your work for B Make sure that you cite all sources of information and include them in a reference list at the end of the assignment, including policies or procedures from your organisation.

In answering Question b you are likely to refer to the different perspectives on the nature of HR strategy covered in Session Your main challenge here is to use what you have learned through the activities undertaken in this block and take an analytical approach to answering the questions below.

B203 tma 02 essay

If you need assistance to get started you can consult your tutor. But, as you may have found when undertaking Activity 4. This does not mean that your reflections are unimportant, but acknowledges the fact that by this stage in the module you should have developed and refined your study skills for B, and had considerable practice with the key and professional skills.


Part 2 of each TMA will test your application of key skills through critical analysis and online discussion of the Dixons Retail case study. Use of the online forum is an important part of your learning on this module because it gives you a chance to see what your colleagues are thinking and learning. Management theories are usually based on research that identifies and develops generally applicable models and concepts to explain how things work in organisations.

If there is a good reason why you think you cannot meet a cut-off date you must contact your tutor well before that date to request an extension. Try to present your analysis as concisely as you can but remember that the content of tables is included in your word count.

Your response may be shorter than the word limit. The following are guidelines on plagiarism: If you own your own business you need to consider whether it is large enough for you to identify where the responsibilities for each function are located.

Part 1, words; Part 2, words; Part 3, words. It can also help to clarify the learning points within the particular B material which you are planning to address. Evidence of consulting e-library sources will be an added asset. On this occasion you probably will not need to include a separate conclusion, as your answers to the three questions should each have their own concluding points. See the following cites to help you in your referencing: It is expected and preferable that you remain with the organisation that you selected for TMA

b203 tma 02 essay