Parents will be informed by the supervising teacher for each infraction and the consequence. Socks worn must be gray, navy blue or white only. In partnership with the family, the school guides students towards becoming lifelong learners with a positive outlook on the world. Buses cannot return nor stop for students who have missed the bus. Lost articles may be picked up at the Lost and Found. We at Al Zuhour School follow the developmental approach through which the focus is placed on the physical, social, emotional, creative and cognitive aspects of the child. Have signs of conjunctivitis pinkeye with matter coming from one or both eyes, itching or crust on eyelids.

Permission by phone will not be accepted. School work will not be provided prior to vacations but assigned upon return in a modified amount. During these times, students are expected to follow the school s behavioral code Notification of Changes in School Hours Parents will be notified by SMS or written note if unexpected changes in the school calendar, school hours or emergency school-related issues arise Questions and answers Where can you go with a question or a concern? Parents will be notified by phone, in person, or in writing if the student is being suspended from the bus. The completion of assignments will be monitored by teachers and recorded on quarterly report cards.

If your child has any food allergies, please notify the class teacher and school pediatrician.

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Our integrated curriculum consists of Language Arts, Math, Science, ICT, Art, Zhuour Education, Arabic, Morals and Qur’an, and throughout we employ various instructional strategies to cater to children s individual needs and learning styles. Socks worn must be gray, navy blue or white only. If difficulties are persistent, a teacher may request an interview with the parents.


Roller sneakers, Heelys, or Crocs are not allowed at school.

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Show infestation with lice nits in the hair, itchy scalp. Hair coloring is unacceptable.

If it is necessary to send medicine to school, you must: Girls are expected to keep their hair tied back or wear a headband school colors only. Repeated offenses may require permanent confiscation. Students are expected to wear the PE uniform on assigned days only with appropriate colored athletic shoes.

Every three tardiness are equal to one day of unexcused absence. The school also organizes several events hosted throughout the year in which students and parents are actively encouraged to participate. If a signed permission slip is not received by the deadline stated on the form we will not be able to send your child on the trip.

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Most importantly, we want to emphasize that good communication among adults is most helpful for the children during these formative years. I’d take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes. Parents will be notified by phone, in person, or homeeork writing if the student is being suspended from the bus. After 3 incidents of tardiness, parents will receive a message from the head of school.

al zuhour private school homework

Schoool day we have two minute snack times. When a child repeatedly displays inappropriate behavior, the parents, teachers and the social worker will meet to build an effective behavior intervention plan for that child.

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Accurate and up-to-date information makes it possible for school personnel to provide proper emergency care. This may be done via a note in the channel book, a scheduled meeting, a phone call to the office or an.


al zuhour private school homework

Joining Al Zuhour Private School 2. Students are expected to be clean, neat, and dressed in the appropriate school uniform.

Report cards and official documents will not be released before the student s clearance form is completed by school administration.

The staff and administration are concerned and want to resolve problems in the most expedient manner possible. Under no circumstances will corporal punishment or any other form of physical punishment be used at school. The school assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items Lost and Found In order to identify lost items, we insist that ALL items be marked with your child s first and last name. Only an adult should heat and stir hot soup.

As it grew in size and prominence, it moved to the new premises in Mowailih school zone area in and has grown ever since till it was sold to First Education Holding in Boys are expected to have a short haircut.

Complain of severe persistent pain. The doctor s role at the school is to perform first aid and to make the necessary referrals to the student s own physician.

Our focus is on the act of doing; the process is stressed, not the finished product. If the emergency is of an urgent nature, the school physician and staff will proceed with any action that is appropriate to care for the child.