Click on this link to the Exams Office website which gives details of deadlines; when results are released and options if you have failed. If you are unable to submit coursework for medical or other mitigating reasons, you must fill out a late or non-submission of coursework form available via SID, attaching appropriate evidence such as a medical certificate:. Your new overall result for the module s will not be capped, as long as any previous attempts were failed due to accepted mitigating circumstances. You will, however, be given paper answer books on which to answer questions, and if you use them then they will be submitted along with your typed answers. For more information, see the information on SOAS Exams web page on absence from exams and late course work or no submission.

A seating plan will be displayed outside the room for you to check your seat number before entering. Applications to repeat courses are considered on an individual basis and are not automatically granted. You are responsible for ensuring that your work is saved. This should be on headed paper, dated and signed by your medical practitioner. LLB students must pass all 12 course units to be eligible for award. There is no LLB Pass degree.

Check your timetable to make sure that your special arrangements and the SOAS location are shown on it.

Academics are under no obligation to provide feedback, but can do so at their discretion. Undergraduate students who have failed a module overall, may enter to be re-assessed for that module on no more than two occasions.

It may also be that they can advise you, or advise you to talk to someone else, about the consequences of not sitting the exam. Undergraduate finalists and all postgraduate students: The exam duration showing on your individual timetable includes additional time.


No work submitted after the School deadline i.

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Please see below for further information on: When is the deadline for special arrangements and submitting evidence? Applications to repeat courses are considered on an individual basis and are not automatically granted. Please note that no amendment to the agreed examination arrangement will be considered after 23rd April the first day of Term 3so do contact the Disability Office urgently if the arrangement ccoursework to you is not what you expected.

The maximum amount of condoned fails that can be awarded over the course of an entire programme is 30 credits. A separate application must be made for each piece of coursework you are applying for mitigation on.

This is to ensure that markers are aware that the candidate has a Specific Learning Difference. For more information on Mitigating Circumstances, please refer to: Please note that your transfer is not officially approved until your receive confirmation form Registry.

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Courdework is no LLB Pass degree. Masters degree students who have failed a course overall, are permitted only one further attempt to be re-assessed for that course, to be taken at the next available occasion.

The exception to this will be for Independent Study Projects and fsiled dissertations which can be revised for resubmission” Taught Degree Regulation If they pass only 10 or Tuition fees will be due.

Programme Changes Select Repeat Year of Study [back to the top] Dissertation Please note that dissertation marks will be released by voursework. A copy of this will be sent to the Chair of the relevant Mitigating Circumstances Panel for consideration.

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A fixed amount of extra time, usually 10 or 15 minutes per hour of examination, is allowed. If you are absent from one or more of your examinations for medical or other mitigating reasons, you must fill in an Exam Mitigating Circumstances Form available via SID from 30 April and submit this along with supporting evidence. Exceptions will coursweork be considered if there are accepted mitigating circumstances.


If you have special arrangements, the exams office will then be able to cancel these. However, if you need support during your SOAS course or for in-class tests, please do contact us.

soas failed coursework

You may apply to another degree at SOAS. Let the disability advisors know and bring supporting evidence and it may be possible to organise a stop-the-clock arrangement so that you don’t miss out on the full amount of time to write your exam paper.

soas failed coursework

Exams and adjustments to exam arrangements NOTE: If you have had special arrangements agreed in previous years there is no need to contact us again, unless your needs have changed.

For more information, see the information on SOAS Exams web page on absence from exams and late course work or no submission. Once agreed, your special exam arrangements, with your individual timetable, will be confirmed to you in an email sent to your SOAS account by the Exams office, in term 2. This re-entry will not use up one of your rights of re-entry. Please note that if you have already passed a course, you cannot be re-assessed in any coursewogk to improve your overall mark unless you coursewofk approved mitigation for any element i.

If you wish to receive supervision for re-submission of your dissertation in Septemberyou will need to complete failwd Repeat Study application:.