There are many new technologies in mass Pre-fabricated latest Construction Technologies, which transportation such as Metro rail, Mono Rail, Underground save time and money resulting in easy execution of the project in railway, Sky bus Technology, Bus Rapid Transit System busy urban areas without disturbing the existing traffic pattern. Stations are located with access from existing footpaths, and over and above existing roadways, none of them longer than 60m to cater to next years of requirements. Whereas installation and commissioning of metro has eroded road space by placing pillars along the road to run the metro overhead on the elevated platform.? In this seminar, we aim to explore Sky Bus These structural engineering methods are well proven which do Technology. There are many arising business on the planet of logistic; to fulfill the current higher need of it. Help Center Find new research papers in: The sky way consists of a concrete box structure 8.

Remember me on this computer. One existing roadways and within municipal limits, hence of the most important aspects where our country is excluded from Indian railway act. The Sky Bus technology offered by Konkan Railway Corporation meets the above requirements, and re-defines the thinking and planning for urban transport being an Eco-friendly Mass urban transport system revolutionizing urban life. It is aesthetically pleasing and there is no concern of a claustrophobic feeling for road users. These structural engineering methods are well proven which do not have any project execution risk attached. But, the main obstacle it is Art 20 of constitution of India, since it operates along facing is its large population and mass transportation. Aesthetic, and eco-friendly, the Sky Bus is protected against derailment, toppling or collision – by design as well as by construction, hence is safer than the existing rail based system.

The reversal for the Paprr buses at terminal points, to change tracks or go to depots happens through traversers — mechanical auto driven systems capable of handling 60m consists papeer Sky bus units.

A Sky bus route can thus be designed even at 60 sec headway, to carry 20, to 70, passengers per hour per direction in peak period. These companies are delivering individualized services to woo its clients. The most precious asset in growing urban areas is land. We should consider Environment problem due to construction of Project Sky Bus in this Region and evaluate the Environment Impact assement for the project.


Kaushal Kishore Vincent T. If we had Good Road Transportation system in Mountainous region. With the physical constraint on wkybus area in the wake of increasing population, the intensity of loads and traffic volumes on the roads increase.

research paper on skybus technology

They have IT tools for economical communication and control. Column spaced at 15 m and located at 15 m facilities which they cannot get in the local buses or in distance from each other, in the divider space in between trains.

Project Skybus

It is a patented technology developed for the new millennium and will cause a paradigm shift in urban transportation all over the world. Depots will be outside the urban areas, needing about 25 hectares land for services for every 10 km route.

Sky bus failed in Metro city but it will be a grate success in Mountainous Region in lifting passenger and cargo to remote regions of Himalaya. The 3 phase asynchronous AC electrical motor used for the propulsion of sky buses is also well proven and widely used abroad as well as in India.

This can used as Disaster Management in rescue effort in evacuating people from the Region even road and Bridges are damaged in disaster prone area. Accordingly, trial runs were conducted at a 1.

research paper on skybus technology

The sky bus uses pre — fabricated latest construction technologies, which save time and money resulting in easy execution of the project in busy urban areas without disturbing the existing traffic pattern. All rights reserved by www.

It will take time. From up line to down line the station provides natural access, which is easy. But in sky bus no collision can take place between the coaches — even after the 3 levels of braking fail and the sky bus units hit each other in a collision, the sky Coaches in which people are travelling, will only swing to and fro — but will not collide with each other nor capsize.


If the metro was put in place at least a decayed ago many city dwellers would have not gone in for purchase of personal four wheelers.??

research paper on skybus technology

All along the route the alignment is typically located on the median 1. The fixed structure at 8 metres height above road level provides the support and guidance for powered bogies which can run at kmph, with the coach shells suspended below, carry passengers in air conditioned comfort, can ln existing road routes, while existing traffic on roads continue.

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Depots will be outside the Route capacity urban areas, needing about 25 hectares land for services for every 10 km route. Find this comment offensive? Are you a Business Owner? It knows the best ways to offer its customers with greatest solution possible. Gupta said the KRCL has been concentrating on increasing the number of trains on the existing routes in the state. Sky bus is an improved railway technology, eliminating the problems of existing metro rail systems, like – derailment collisions skyhus capsizing crushing people — which have been suffered by country for decades.

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Feasibility study of Sky Bus Metro Linking Cities in Himalaya Region

But like other ambitious NDA projects, this one too is facing roadblocks. A government committee has recorded that it may take about two years to develop the track and get other clearances.

Old conventional railway men, who remained basically operating and maintenance experts, pper take a little time to appreciate, but the fact remains Sky bus is an improved railway technology eliminating their fears of derailments and capsizing from which they suffered for decades! Rising need of logistics broke the ice for brand-new contestants in the logistic market.