Milanese, Scavi nell’oppidum preromano di Genova: In addition, I would like to mention that I am continually writing shorter and longer articles on onomastic topics and that also a few books are in preparation see Bibliogr. European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System: New Testament Studies ? Atti del colloquio di Perugia e Trevi 30 – 31 maggio , a cura di G.

A new edition of the Latin inscriptions of Southern Italy Latium, Campania, Lucania, Bruttii, Sicily and Sardinia with the minor islands , which will appear as part X of the Corpus inscriptionum published by the Academy of Berlin it will replace the first edition published by Theodor Mommsen in Vuosikirja , Helsinki , [abridged English version in n. Monteleone, Stratigrafie esegetiche; M. Answer to a questionnaire “Epigrafia e paleografia. Gli Ebrei in Sicilia dal tardoantico al medioevo. Atti del Seminario di studi; D.

Yleiskatsaus “The Pompeian inscriptions. Contemporary Conservatism and Alinskyite Public Argument.

Mattia Baglieri | UniversitĂ  di Bologna –

Kuukausi kreikkalaisena “A month as a Greek”: Gender Inequality Essay What makes the background for it all is inequality stereotypes.


Gnomon 54 – Acta septimi conventus omnium gentium ac nationum linguae litterisque Latinis fovendis Erfurti a die I usque ad diem V mensis Augusti a. Nuove iscrizioni paleocristiane della Ciociaria, in: Humanities Interdisciplinary Program Committee, Arctos 30 []- References upon request 8. Editorial Board, Argumentation and Advocacy.

Pfanner, Der Titusbogen; U. Directly involved in this publication are my close collaborators Prof.

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Coppie di nomi, in: Analecta epigraphica L – LVI: Walsh BT ; M. Eine Inschrift aus Kos: Zazoff, Gemmensammler und Gemmenforscher; J. Ricerche epigrafiche in Ciociaria: Arctos 23– Thesis on Gender Inequality: The fieldwork is virtually finished, but the publication work is in the same state as the previous work. Tyche 3 – Corpus inscriptionum Latinarum, volumen X, nova editio, edited by H.

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Hippokrates 3 15 – Curricuulum der christlich-antiken Sarkophage II It is another question, however, whether such diversity of social challenges is a positive of rather negative result of human development. Stucchi, Divagazioni archeologiche II: Junkola, introduction by H.


Mastrocinque, La stipe di Villa di Villa e i culti degli antichi Veneti: Sabulonosus und keine Verderbnis: I enthused over it especially when giving a seminar on the topic as a guest professor in Hamburg in Arctos 28,—– La Baume – Th. Theophrastus, De causis plantarum, edited and translated viociaria B.

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Biennial YearbookAmsterdam ,