Case Study of the Post-reform Period from Baid, Pooja Goods and Services are no longer enough: Chande, Punit Pricing of Currency Options: Bhugaloo, Shahin An empirical analysis of the risk behaviour of postgraduate studenrs. An empirical evidence of the United Kingdom Banks.

Han, Xiao The determinants of capital structure-An empirical study of Chinese real estate listed companies. Case of female entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan. Case study of the Philippines. A Strategic market Analysis. An investigation into the motivation of young Indian middle class women to purchase authentic luxury bags over counterfeit ones. Implications for Professional Sports Management.

The implications for customer service through practical application. Gibson, Elizabeth Sarah Should ‘Responsibility’ be written on the tin?: Think of furniture materials, think of H.

Cultural Value or Cultural Vandalism?

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Bian, Shuo The analysis of factors influencing loan losses provision of China’s commercial banks. Han, Xiao The determinants of capital structure-An empirical study of Chinese real estate listed companies.

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Carroll, Roopam Part B: Gong, Yu-Qing An exploration of advertising values and beauty ideals manifest in print advertisements of cosmetic brands: Jafarova, Aynur Dividend Policy Determinants: Ford, Jason A case study: Asaithambi, Govinda Measuring depth of relationships using subconstructs of trust and commitment: Ang, Chee Kiang Regulation Transition: Jin, Xin A research on exit strategy of foreign venture capital investment in Chinese private business sector.


Enearu, Michael The critical evaluation of how age influences founders’ leadership style within small firms in Nigeria. Gajendra, Nischal Nelpate How can the discipline of business case definition ensure that IT infrastructure programmes are completed successfully and deliver business value?

An investigation into the literature surrounding mega-events and the impacts felt by holders of the tournaments. Crowther-Walsh, Victoria How do Key Stage Two teachers support children who are mathematically gifted in an international school in Dubai?

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A new era in developing autonomous behaviours in science learning? Chow, Yan Pang, Darien Short-term reaction of stock markets to a new mechanism: Hameed, Zainab Cheffle.

Han, Haoliang UK precipitation data display and forecasting. The Case of Kazakhstan. Who Survive the Crisis? Das Neves Chiang, Sara Violeta A qualitative study to discover the future scope and barriers towards facilitating animals-assisted studh AAT for autisitic children in Macau China.

An experimental survey of Nigerian undergraduate students. Alharbi, Samah Non-invasive physiological wearable sensor real time monitoring. Based Multinational Corporations in India. Chan, Kit Meng Sharer Repurchases: Exploration of the Role of the Banking Supervisor.


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Gatuguta, Susan Mwende Switching lanes: Elimanova, Madina The impact of internal integration on external integration: Chen, Lujie Determinants of Capital Structure: Gregory, Thomas How do disadvantaged students interact with their peers when taking part in collaborative tasks and what can be done to help them develop their communication skills? Discovering and Debating a Place for Nature in Singapore.

Hey, James The application of software engineering principles towards developing an agent based economy climate model. Beales, Mark What pedagogical approaches best allow ELS students in lower secondary to access the science curriculum?