On quality of life Ukraine took the 68th place in the world

The research institute Legatum Institute published the Rating of Global Welfare 2008. According to this research, it is best of all to live in Australia, and Ukraine appeared on the 68th place. Originators of a rating recognized that for welfare inhabitants of this or that country should have possibility of a free choice; the government should be effective, small and honest; for the “poor” countries welfare increase, and for “rich” – improvement of quality of life of the population should be a main goal; the climate and a state of environment influence happiness level; a basis of growth of economy – free business and so forth.

As a whole, more than hundred states of the world were estimated on the basis of several criteria broken into two groups – “economic competitiveness” (for example, it was estimated quality of education, level of dependence on export, level of investments and so forth) and “comparative convenience to life” (religious freedom, infrastructure existence for rest, an unemployment rate and so forth).

According to a rating, in the first ten the states, it is best of all where to live, entered: Australia, Austria, Finland, Germany, Singapore, the USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong (it is formal – the special administrative region of China), Denmark and New Zealand. On the last, 104th place, there was Yemen.

Among the Post-Soviet states life is most pleasant for inhabitants of Estonia which took the 36th place, having divided it with Uruguay. Latvia (and Hungary) on the 41st place, Kazakhstan – on the 56th, Russia – on the 57th, Ukraine – on the 68th (together with Macedonia), Belarus – on the 78th, Uzbekistan – on the 80th (together with Vietnam), Moldova – on the 83rd (together with Honduras).

For comparison, France and Great Britain – on the 14th place, Israel – on the 20th, Italy – on the 25th, Kuwait – on the 30th, Thailand – on the 35th, Brazil – on the 43rd, Saudi Arabia – on the 45th, China – on the 54th, Venezuela – on the 58th, Turkey – on the 61st, India – on the 70th.

As it was reported earlier, Ukraine in rating ПРООН for 2008 took the 76th place in a world index of human development, having got to group of the countries with the average level of human development.

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